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The Migration of the Immersion Wellness Resorts: Can Experiential Properties Sustain Global Models?

Horwath HTL | February 25, 2019

(Miami, Florida) February 25, 2019 - Horwath HTL Miami Managing Director Andrew Cohan, MAI, a leading consultant in hospitality advisory as it pertains to health, wellness and spa offerings as well as environmental and ecologically sustainable resorts globally, has observed "migration" efforts to bring the Asian immersion wellness and destination resorts to the Americas. "As experiential travel continues its evolution into "transformational travel," more and more vacationers are motivated to travel by a desire to enrich and even alter their personal perspectives," shares Cohan. "These "inward"...

Q&A With Andrew Cohan, MAI, Managing Director Horwath HTL Miami

Andrew Cohan | September 13, 2018

Hotel Online recently requested a Q&A with Andrew Cohan, MAI, Managing Director of the Miami office of Horwath HTL on his views of the hotel industry. Andrew's areas of expertise are many, but his true passions include development of health and wellness offerings in the lodging sector. He is also keenly interested in sustainability and the opportunities to use local resources as a significant element of a hotel brand's amenities and value propositions. Here, Andrew discusses some of his insights and observations guiding developers in these arenas to help create "transformational experiences." With such a robust proliferation of bran...

The Gay Travel Paradox

Andrew Cohan | July 10, 2017

By Andrew Cohan A year or two after I graduated from college, I took a short vacation and went to Provincetown, Massachusetts, which I had heard was a gay destination (I was a late bloomer). On the first day there, I was riding my bicycle down Commercial Street when a guy on the sidewalk whistled at me and yelled out "Sexy legs!" At that moment, two things happened: First, I almost tumbled head over wheels into the car driving ahead of me; and, second, I knew the freedom and pleasure every straight high school kid who ever sat on a park bench in the afternoon sun kissing the boy or girl they were going steady with had felt. That feeling...

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