Newly launched functionality provides staff with direct access to guest survey response capabilities, while maintaining dialog records on each conversation for instant reference and enhanced customer service

Hallandale, FL – June 16, 2015 – ZDirect, a leader in above property marketing solutions and a pioneer in hotel marketing automation, has announced the latest enhancement to its industry-leading eMarketing solution: an innovative new Response Center that gives properties the ability to quickly respond to guest feedback and provide improved service, via a centralized easy-access online portal. At HITEC 2015 on June 16-18, ZDirect is unveiling Response Center to attendees at booth #631, providing hospitality leaders with an industry-first demonstration of the unique benefits that a two-way communication guest survey response platform can achieve, including increased guest satisfaction, as well as enhanced property reputation and revenue.

The Response Center provides hotel staff with a rapid, convenient and direct way to respond to guest satisfaction survey feedback, while making ongoing conversations easy to read and analyze, via a streamlined email thread design that sorts based on priority. Response Center is also enhanced by ZDirect’s Sentiment Analysis engine, which classifies feedback comments as either positive or negative, allowing hoteliers to sift through data much faster in order to address the most pressing issues first. Hotels can easily prioritize and respond to surveys in a way that simplifies staff workloads and safeguards guest satisfaction, while maximizing the potential for future revenue.

When guest survey responses are completed and submitted online, property staff are automatically alerted and prompted to log in and reply. The system also keeps track of conversation history, utilizing the platform’s ability to link survey emails and responses to each guest profile maintained by a property. ZDirect’s Response Center has the unique ability to capture entire conversations between a property and its guests, thus providing property staff with relevant background information at their fingertips. By responding directly from the ZDirect platform, properties can more quickly recover from guest satisfaction issues before they are potentially posted to social media and online review sites.

“The robust functionality of our new Response Center answers the industry’s need for a streamlined and effective solution for responding to guest satisfaction surveys quickly and easily, while keeping track of all ongoing conversations and resulting actions for resolution,” said Shayne Paddock, Chief Information Officer at ZDirect. “We are proud to offer another first for the hospitality industry, and are committed to the continuous development of our platform to add new features that address the growing guest communication needs of our hotel clients around the globe.”

Response Center augments ZDirect’s overall Marketing Automation functionality. Alongside the user-friendly Survey Dashboard, existing features such as multi-property survey and reporting functionality combine in an all-in-one solution to provide hoteliers with unmatched control and insight into understanding guest preferences. These are vital tools that equip management with the ability to improve guest satisfaction, while mitigating the effects of less than desirable experiences before they have the potential to negatively impact property reputation.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the ZDirect platform and Response Center, please visit Booth # 631 at HITEC 2015 or visit