Over the course of the Young Hoteliers Summit (YHS), several hospitality industry leaders provided extensive insights into upcoming trends, challenges and opportunities.

Tackling the challenge of conventionalism within the hospitality industry was the central theme of the 8th edition of YHS. Influential industry professionals assessed this trending topic in order to provide their views and opinions on what the future of hospitality is offering.

Subjects addressed during the summit ranged from how user-generated social media content enhances branding, to how loyalty within the luxury segment is perceived and achieved. As well, questions such as how ownership types affect the flexibility to become more sustainable and how new and innovative business models disrupt the industry were discussed and recommendations given.

The aim of YHS is to bring hospitality management students and industry leaders together, to create a collaborative community for exchange of industry insights. 81 students representing 42 partner schools from 19 countries were invited and attended the summit.

Further challenging their thinking, the participants from the various educational institutions were invited to take on the YHS Challenge hosted by The Student Hotel, an innovative hybrid lodging concept merging various types of customer segments. The provider of the challenge changes every year and asks the attendees to come up with new ideas of business practices. Within small teams and limited time resources, the students evaluate, assess and present the project to a jury of industry professionals.

After a successful 8th edition of YHS, the organisation committee extends its thanks to all partners, guest speakers and visitors and is excited for what the Young Hoteliers Summit 2018 has to offer.

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