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Xeros Launches Symphony Project to Provide Xeros Technologies to Partner Brands to Transform Conventional Commercial Washing Machines into Polymer Cleaning Systems

Manchester, NH – April 20, 2017 – Xeros, the innovator of polymer cleaning technologies, today announced the Symphony Project, an innovative technology collaborative with a mission to improve the sustainability of the world’s laundry rooms. The Symphony Project will include access to the Xeros polymer science, product designs, IoT platform, and its entire commercial laundry eco-system to any participating partner. The goal is to enable partner brands to offer customers a more sustainable laundry system with significant operational and end-user benefits while retaining their hard-earned brand loyalty.

Xeros established the Symphony Project with the goal of helping to improve the sustainability of the commercial laundry industry.  For example, it is estimated that hotels around the world with on-premise laundries annually use 57 billion gallons of water to process the laundry generated from guest rooms.  Heating the water to clean the guest room laundry generates over 2.6 billion pounds of carbon which is released into the atmosphere.  Tested and proven Xeros polymer science can reduce a hotel’s water usage by up to 80% and since polymer cleaning requires very little hot water, the carbon output from laundry rooms can also be reduced by over 83%.

Ongoing research and innovation by Xeros engineers resulted in development of the technology that allows the integration of polymer science into existing machinery in a relatively non-invasive way.  Now, all the polymer science required to retrofit a commercial washing machine can be packaged into a simple pedestal that is compatible with nearly any size or brand of conventional commercial washer.

The Symphony Project integrates with a partner product development team to provide prototyping and engineering resources to reduce the new product development timeline and accelerate the time to market for the partner brand. Symphony Project enables partner brands to deliver quantum benefits to the marketplace with minimal disruption to their day to day business.

“Xeros’ success as illustrated by growing demand and positive customer feedback reinforces our commitment to making laundry more sustainable.  However, the universal availability of fresh water and carbon emissions are critical issues for our planet and we know we can’t address these issues alone,” said Jonathan Benjamin, Global President of Xeros Cleaning Technologies. “The Symphony Project enables the laundry industry to join a broader conversation about sustainability in an open, collaborative way and take great strides beyond what we are currently doing. The invitation to participate is for the entire industry from washing machine brands, to laundry room operators, to water and energy suppliers, to others.”

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About Xeros Cleaning Technologies

Xeros Cleaning Technologies is responsible for commercializing Xeros polymer science for the care of textiles in both commercial and consumer applications.  Xeros Cleaning Technologies offers sustainable innovative solutions that apply polymer and data science to solve real customer challenges. Xeros Cleaning Technologies is headquartered in the US and is part of the Xeros Technology Group plc.  For additional information, please visit  The Xeros Logo, Xeros, and Xeros Sbeadycare are trademarks of the Xeros group of companies.

Contact: Neal Stein / 321-473-7407

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