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by Renie Cavallari

A big problem people have with training is that it doesn't stick. And they're right. It doesn't. So why would you pay for something that doesn't last? The answer: you shouldn't.

Training doesn't work, because it usually doesn't deliver anything beyond mere information. That information flows in one direction, and one direction only. Do you know what direction that is? It goes straight in one ear and out the other. 

People don't engage with information delivered in a mechanical, "you need to learn this, so listen up" manner. If you go about training in this way, in the end, no one retains anything.  

How People Actually Improve

Is there a better way to help your people improve than this type of "dump and jump" training? Absolutely. It's called the Learning Model, and it is actually so simple it can be explained in a single, 2-minute cartoon. 

Want to learn more about our Learning Model? Click here to explore the rest of our process.

The Aspire Learning Model derives directly from our ongoing research and 19 years of experience studying what strategies and tactics actually shake up the status quo and create tectonic shifts within people and organizations as a whole. Aspire built this process by starting with one, basic question:

What actually gets people to grow? 

We learned that growth involves a complete shift-and not just in mental understanding. To truly learn a new skill, you first have to experience what it's like to actually do it, and then what it's like to do it well. That's why our customer service, sales, and leadership training goes beyond rote delivery of knowledge. 

We help people see how to apply their new knowledge and demonstrate the skill so they can start to develop a new competency. We then go even further, providing ongoing learning support tools that grow confidence, pride & enthusiasm and keep the learning alive once a program is over. 

These results mean more than simple sunshine. Pride and enthusiasm in one's own ability to perform a skill corresponds directly to that person's positive perspective toward their work. With increased positivity comes increased productivity and performance, which ultimately drives your profitability. All of a sudden, those simple rays of sunshine are your rising top and bottom lines. 

If training doesn't work, why pay for it? The Aspire Learning Model  actually grows competencies to deliver significant ROI, by structuring skill-based programs to suit the way people naturally learn a new skill. That makes Aspire the natural decision when it comes to uncovering hidden profits in your most potent asset: your people. 

What Real Learning Takes

1. Knowledge

Learning requires customization of information, so a learner knows how the knowledge they're receiving directly applies to and supports the changes occurring in their organization. Participants shouldn't just get the facts handed to them; they need context for that knowledge, and a personal connection to what's in it for them. Aspire's programs integrate Play, interactive activities that help people understand how knowledge can apply to their own real-world work situation and make it better.

2. Application

Aspire shows people in a program how to apply the knowledge they learn, and see the opportunities that open up for them when they do so. Practical approaches and real-world application is key in changing a competency.

3. Demonstration

You don't really know how to do something until you can show how it's done. This is demonstration. When a new skill is learned, demonstration is the proof that real learning has taken place and gone past just intellectual knowing.

4. Competency

Improving a competency is the name of the whole game in the Aspire Learning Model®. Competency comes from true learning. When you change a competency, you get different and better results.

5. Confidence

A competent person can truly drive results for an organization at an outstanding performance level if they are confident in what they can now deliver. Confidence helps someone fully embody the tasks they need to perform and fulfill it toward its whole intended purpose.

6. Pride & Enthusiasm

Proud and enthusiastic people naturally want to know more and are on a self-guided path of nonstop improvement. 

Ready to take your training programs to the next level? You can contact me at to talk about how to integrate true learning that sticks.

About Aspire Marketing

Aspire is a strategic training and consulting company that ignites change and drives results. We design the exact solutions companies need to stand out and awaken the potential of their organization. For 18 years now, over 1 million people have learned to think differently, challenge the status quo, and expect results. You know where you want to go. Aspire can help you get there. We do it by establishing competencies, filling gaps, and inspiring people to rise to their potential. If you're ready for real change, you're ready for Aspire.

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