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Is your guest really your guest?  Authenticate with id and passport scans… know your guest with picture recognition so you can you serve them better... Authenticate with TTI’s Scan2PMS.

August 5, 2016 -- New York - The hotel business is changing. According to Travel Weekly News, 6% of intended travelers have cancelled due to fear. Hotels today face the unique challenge of pre-serving Hospitality while protecting the guest.  TTI Technologies understands this....and knows how to fulfill that challenge.

Business and recreational travelers demand safe and secure hotel accommodations.

"We know who our guests are because TTI’s Scan2PMS knows. All our guests' license or passport information is securely scanned in seconds into the property management check in screen, it ensures accurate information, guest photo for guest recognition which is very helpful if they lose their key or for Concierge recognition.”  this from Glenn Isaacs, VP Hotel Systems, Empire Hotel Group.

TTI Technologies PMS™ is the leading solutions provider of ID/ Passport Scanners for independent hotel operators. "Now Hoteliers can ensure that their property provides as secure an environment as possible, while maintaining friendly customer service” says Steve Blidner, CEO TTI Technologies. 

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About TTI Technologies

TTI has built a solid foundation with talented team members who work in harmony to obtain powerful goals. Our company spirit is demonstrated in our actions and in our respect for customers.

We are committed to providing value added services with a fresh and leading edge approach.

At TTI we understand the importance excellent service plays in repeat business and take pride in knowing our dedication contributes to the success of our customers. At TTI, Customer Service is our passion.

Thousands of companies daily depend on TTI’s intuitive business centers, kiosk solutions and ID scanners for the hospitality industry. With our international headquarters in New York and satellite offices in Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, and Mumbai, we are well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service.

Contact: Nick Sciurba / 646-218-2700 Ext. 205

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