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Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Their marketing does too. Which got us thinking, do certain types of hotels experience more growth or engagement on Facebook than others? Here’s what we’re seeing.

The Goods

To find our answer we looked at over 7,000 U.S. hotel Facebook pages with a combined 40,000,000 fans and tracked their engagement and fan growth over the space of 90 days between May and August 2015. We then grouped these hotels by a few common types, features, or locations.

Hotels that promote airport access or proximity came out on top with 9.8% growth and 10.9% engagement. Hotels with casinos came in at the bottom for growth (5.2%) with hotels at or near ski resorts, in their offseason, seeing the lowest average engagement at 5.2%.

What This Means

The fact that an airport hotel not only grows 30% faster but has nearly 40% more engagement than a downtown hotel is a bit surprising. We expected to see differences, but perhaps not this great.

What gets us thinking, of course, is why these gaps exist? Our instinct is that occupancy may play a role which, as you might have guessed, is something we’ll try to tackle in an upcoming post.

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