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HOUSTON, TX, February 18, 2015- SHR, an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today revealed their refreshed image, branding, and corporate website,   SHR will be the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC, reflecting a simplified value proposition and sharpened focus. 

"Our company's culture revolves around values that include integrity, service, creativity, and teamwork.  As we planned our move to a new space designed to reflect our culture and values, we decided to also redesign our logo and express our brand promise in a simpler more focused way", said Rod Jimenez, SHR's CEO.  

Nimble Technology. Intelligent Service. Hospitality Expertise. These are the pillars on which SHR was formed and each is reflective of the culture that drives the company forward every day. Since SHR owns its technology and does all design and development work in-house, they are able to provide the most flexible CRS technology on the market today. It is not uncommon for requests made by clients to be evaluated and implemented within a short time frame. While this can't be done for every request, SHR takes pride in knowing that their clients really drive the product roadmap as their technology is here to serve the hotelier's, and their guests', needs.

SHR isn't satisfied with providing "good customer service", rather, the company is intent on providing each customer with intelligent service-customers should gain value from the knowledge and expertise that each team member brings to the table. The amount of industry experience that the team members at SHR have is staggering-most associates have worked together as a team in the hospitality sector for over 20 years. Others who have more recently joined SHR have years of experience working with hotels & resorts. SHR understands the value that this kind of experience can bring to hoteliers and they truly believe that with SHR, clients should feel they have a partner, not just another vendor.

About SHR

SHR is an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry. The company serves thousands of properties around the globe on its distribution platform, WindsurferCRS. With a focus on flexibility for the hotelier and creating a memorable experience for the guest, WindsurferCRS provides optimal functionality for all types of properties. SHR's Whiteboard Labs provides custom solutions for the hospitality industry, including custom booking engines, website design and development, and cutting edge applications. Hoteliers can tap into SHR's expertise and knowledge of the industry by utilizing the Revenue Management for Hire service-a cost effective revenue management solution for any property.

Additional information about SHR and hospitality industry trends may be found at the Company's website:  

(SHR is the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC)

Contact: Abbie Deaver / 303.220.2168

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