Want to Create a More Fulfilling Work Environment in 2016? HotelTap Can Help

/Want to Create a More Fulfilling Work Environment in 2016? HotelTap Can Help

Want to Create a More Fulfilling Work Environment in 2016? HotelTap Can Help

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The digital logbook in the cloud improves communications between employees and employers, creates a more fulfilling work environment, and stores staff performance information

[Alameda, Calif. December 17, 2015] — The best places to work are organizations that are exceptional at engaging their employees. Limited-service hotels with 50+ rooms looking to better communicate with their staff and provide an exceptional work environment in 2016 will find some much-needed assistance from HotelTap. The digital logbook in the cloud (which closely resembles enterprise social software such as Yammer and Chatter and project-management tools like Basecamp or Asana) serves as a workforce communication tool by streamlining messaging, improving guest service and loyalty, generating positive online reviews, and driving revenues to the bottom line. Designed to provide a steady messaging stream of interactive notes and tasks, HotelTap is not only useful between departments and staff, but it is proving to be extremely valuable for Human Resources departments as well.

“Workforce communication software may seem like an unlikely Human Resources tool, but it is proving to be highly effective,” said Sandip Jariwala, owner of the Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham in Alameda, Calif., and founder of HotelTap. “Whenever there is accurate staff communication, it has a positive impact on employee performance. When a performance review rolls around, HotelTap can be leveraged as an audit trail to detail how effectively a person communicates with other staff, managers and guests. If you want to know how well a person is doing his or her job, HotelTap can tell you in a flash.”

  • HotelTap provides a convenient central location for staff to record accurate, detailed action items that need addressed during their shift or the next. When employees have the tools they need to make their jobs easier, it also makes tasks more pleasant to complete. When tasks can be enjoyed, the job can be enjoyed. When the job is enjoyed, there is less employee turnover.
  • HotelTap enables employees to communicate in their language of choice, including Spanish. Eliminating frustrating language barriers also prevents errors. Fewer errors means happier staff, managers and guests.
  • HotelTap ensures that all guest requests and department tasks are fulfilled, giving staff peace of mind that they did their jobs right the first time. A more confident team takes more pride in their work. A confident employee means more confidence in a positive employee review. A solid performance review means higher pay and possibly even a promotion. In return for this recognition, employees will go the extra mile to exceed guest and management expectations. When employees go the extra mile, it creates an exceptional hospitality environment.

Stephanie Powell, Guest Relations Manager at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham in Alameda, said the “Documents” section of HotelTap is a great tool for HR to post helpful information for its employees regarding a variety of topics, such as: training guides, hotel policies and procedures, employee pay schedules and benefits information, etc.

“Simply upload the documents to HotelTap, and they're easily accessible (and downloadable) by employers and employees on any device, at any time,” Powell said. “It’s a great reference point for employees and allows for them to be more self-sufficient and up-to-date with any hotel’s policy and procedure changes, etc.”

HotelTap was designed to replace notebooks, paper tickets, internal emails, spreadsheets, text messages and radios as a means to talk between staff and departments, but our customers are finding a lot of new uses for the tool as well. Maintenance teams are using it to log and track communications regarding guest requests and equipment issues. Engineers are using it to log preventive maintenance tasks and establish timelines to ensure that all assignments are completed. Front Desk staff are using HotelTap to log requests for wake up calls, privacy, extra linens, etc. Heads of housekeeping are using it to track housekeeping tasks, issue master housekeeping keys, take pictures of damage in guest rooms and more. General Managers also are using HotelTap to log guest complaints and address those that need immediate attention.

“Hotels are limited only by what they are willing to use HotelTap for,” Jariwala said. “Although my hotel was the first to use this tool for Human Resources, I believe that many others will soon follow in our footsteps.”

HotelTap is designed to:

  • Facilitate mobile notifications sent to employees with links for responding directly to issues
  • Print task lists for employees
  • Deliver daily activity reports to keep a paper trail of all communications
  • Manage Waitlist, Lost & Found, Group Reservations and other operational tasks
  • Enable employees to communicate in their language of choice, including Spanish
  • Track and analyze guest complaints and maintenance issues
  • Search information with TAGS and words
  • Create recurring checklists for shifts, inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Attach documents, photos and videos to notes and tasks
  • Provide equipment records to save time and make informed expense decisions
  • Store unlimited data and notifications

Schedule a Demo HotelTap is available for one low annual fee, based on a hotel’s size. The system provides 24/7 security, as all property data is securely stored on HotelTap's AWS cloud servers with daily backups. Round-the-clock LIVE technical support also is provided. To schedule a demo of HotelTap, click here. For more information on HotelTap, visit www.HotelTap.com or call (844) 381-7221.

About HotelTap

For employees, managers and owners in limited-service hotels, who are using paper log books for communications, HotelTap offers a cloud solution for responding to guest requests, completing tasks, and managing their operations with email and mobile notifications. Visit www.hoteltap.com or call us at 1-844-381-7221 to schedule a demo.

Contact: Sandip Jariwala

sandip@hoteltap.com/(510) 381-7221

Contact: Barb Worcester - PRpro

barbw@prproconsulting.com/(440) 930-5770

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