Leading global hospitality channel manager strengthens VTrips’ position to accelerate and automate their business

 Salt Lake City, Utah (January 7, 2020) – NextPax, the most advanced channel management technology provider for hotels, resorts and vacation rentals worldwide, today revealed the results of their partnership with premier property management company, VTrips. Since 2018, NextPax has supported VTrips through connectivity from their PMS to Booking.com. Through the use of improved connectivity content development, channel updates, distribution strategies, and increases to the speed of onboarding for a record-breaking 600% in growth and over 35% overall improvement in content scores.

VTrips manages 2,000+ exclusive vacation rental properties in traditional resort destinations ranging from Florida to Hawaii. Since teaming up with NextPax, the company has been better able to achieve its ambitious growth targets related to its channel distribution strategy.

“With the outstanding ROI we’ve seen since engaging with NextPax in 2018, we decided to start using the platform for Airbnb in 2019,” explains VTrips Founder and CEO, Steve Milo, a recognized thought leader and sought after keynote speaker in the vacation rental industry. “The speed of adding the channel and configuring the inventory in multiple accounts is so quick and easy, and the onboarding from the PMS to the channel is the fastest we have ever encountered in a channel manager. The flexibility to have multiple accounts with different policies, fees, and configurations has made the integration highly successful. NextPax is an exceptional partner, and we are excited to see what lies ahead.”

NextPax utilized data from HomeAway Software’s ISI Link API for the listing content on Booking.com. The company worked with VTrips to improve their content by updating in V12 (PMS) and then updating it to the channels, thus keeping the source of “truth,” the PMS. In order to further improve the content, NextPax integrated with HomeAway Software’s HSAPI connection to source better images, fuller content and improved functionality. With their nimble development group, they were also able to do custom development changes to better handle the unique policy and payment characteristics of the VTrip business model.

“Our goal has always been to give property managers complete control of their business,” explains Erik Engel, CEO & Founder of NextPax. “They are the merchant of record. It is their brand and their content that is front and center. It is their voice the guest hears.”

Jim Barsch, President of NextPax Inc., continues, “The vacation rental industry is going through a fundamental transformation, where companies need new ways to deliver on the demands of today’s travelers. VTrips is a visionary brand that is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these trends. Our AI-powered platform delivers immediate value to property managers, and together we can achieve extraordinary results.”

To learn why more hotels, vacation rentals, and property management companies turn to NextPax to maximize bookings and profits, visit https://nextpax.com/.