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Cross-Tinental has been selected by Victor’s Residenz-Hotels, as its strategic technology provider. The transformation has twin pillars – a new Central Reservation System (CRS) and a new Revenue Strategy solution.

Cross-Tinental will bring its partnership with some of the best Hotel technology companies in the world, and its European Hotel market expertise, to help Victor’s Residenz-Hotels implement a new e-commerce and Revenue Strategy based on distribution flexibility and fully revenue optimization.

 “We are very happy to announce this agreement with Victor’s Residenz-Hotels, one of the premier hotel companies in Germany, said David Orensanz Cross-Tinental CEO. The combination of two market leading  technologies will allow Victor’s Residenz-Hotels to access to a new level of insight and revenue optimization by adopting Open Pricing, a core element of Duetto’s approach to price optimization, along with a complete distribution platform supported by WindsurferCRS,  the leading Booking Engine on the market, offering the strongest integrations and channel connections. ”

The new systems will be in place at 13 hotels under the Victor’s Residenz-Hotels brands across Germany.

"We look forward to this partnership with Victor’s Residenz-Hotels as they upgrade their distribution strategy and implement WindsurferCRS. In particular, the chain management features of our system will offer the individual properties more flexibility while maintaining the appropriate level of control over rates and inventory at the corporate level, helping to successfully implement their revenue management strategies,” says Drew Rosser, Vice President of Sales SHR.

Patrick Bosworth, CEO and Founder of Duetto, added, “We are proud to bring our Revenue Strategy solutions to Victor’s Residenz-Hotels, a leader and innovator in many areas of hospitality, to meet its diverse Revenue Strategy needs. Rapid change in today’s marketplace makes it critical for hotels to be able to fully optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity, and Duetto’s solutions bring the insight and flexibility to make it achievable.”

GameChanger, Duetto’s cloud-based predictive analytics platform, will enable Victor’s Residenz-Hotels to independently yield rates by channel, segment and room type in real time. Utilizing new consumer-centric data, including web shopping regrets and denials that help hotels gauge their lost business, Duetto provides actionable insights into future demand and the ability to leverage them through a powerful pricing engine. 

About Cross-Tinental

The mission of Cross-Tinental is to help great companies from the United States, who have already achieved great technology products for hospitality, to sell and operate in Europe.

Across its Hotel Technology Platform, Cross-Tinental brings software products, which are complementary to each other and user-friendly, to the European Hotel Industry. Hotel users always have local support service of experts and consultants who solve any issue and help them to become more competitive.

Contact: Zsuzsanna Albrecht, VP Sales Central Europe / +49 2131 7384477

About Duetto

Duetto delivers the most powerful Revenue Strategy solutions to the world’s leading hotels and casinos, allowing them to better manage pricing, revenue and business-mix decisions with superior, actionable data. The unique combination of hospitality experience and technology leadership enables Duetto to provide new insights on pricing and demand as a true cloud-based software-as-a-service. With solutions that address the challenges of today’s distribution landscape, Duetto’s applications are a GameChanger — optimizing profit and guest loyalty.

Thanks to rapid marketplace adoption, Duetto is expanding in key markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. More than 1,000 hotel and casino properties in more than 50 countries have partnered to use Duetto’s Revenue Strategy solutions.

About SHR

SHR provides hotels sophisticated tools and services that help execute their distribution strategy while optimizing the profitability of their room inventory. The company serves thousands of properties around the globe on its reservation and distribution platform, WindsurferCRS™, its Internet Booking Engine (IBE), TopSail™, custom website design and digital marketing services along with the unique Revenue Management for Hire service. SHR is a nimble organization, willing to customize technology for its clients, serving them with a high degree of intelligent support from a staff of industry experts and experienced hoteliers.  Additional information about SHR may be found at the company’s website:

Contact: Jason Emanis / 713.333.9944

About Victor's Residenz-Hotels

Victor's Residenz-Hotels GmbH operates 13 establishments all over Germany. In major cities (2 in Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, 2 in Saarbrücken), in strong large regions (Frankenthal,  Gummersbach, Unterschleißheim near Munich, Saarlouis) and in the countryside (Teistungen im Eichsfeld, Nohfelden am Bostalsee, Perl-Nennig an der Obermosel). The Victor's Residenz-Hotels have a total of 1566 rooms.

The main customer segment is made up of business and conference customers. Some establishments even have drive-in conference rooms, which makes them ideal for customers in the automobile industry. However, Victor's also has plenty to offer the leisure and holiday traveller. Good food, wellness and Victor’s excellent service offer relaxation, lots of pleasure and optimum regeneration.

Most Victor's Residenz-Hotels are in the first-class category. The group's flagship is the Victor's Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg in Perl-Nennig, which has the highest ranking there is for hotels in Germany:  five star Superior. Its three restaurants include one of the best gourmet addresses in the world, Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau (3 Michelin stars).

Although every single Victor's Residenz-Hotel has its own personal note, they all share the same denominator. This not only includes the Cross-Tinental software,  but Victor's service and hospitality as well. And behind all this is its uniform in-house quality management. Other standards: worldwide telephone flat-rate from the hotel room, free W-LAN, Sky TV and Sky Sport at the Victor's Bars. More:

Contact: Christine Jüngling / +49 681 93613-658

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