Travel Outlook Premium Hotel Call Center Expands Partnership with Viceroy Hotels & Resorts to 14 Properties

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO (March 1, 2021): Travel Outlook Premium Hotel Call Center is expanding its alliance with Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, which offers personalized management of incoming voice calls for all 13 properties in the current Viceroy portfolio. Opening early 2021, Viceroy’s newest ski-in, ski-out luxury mountain resort, Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia is also set to use Travel Outlook following an immersive onboarding process.

As a global luxury brand, Viceroy values a call center that can set the tone for an incredible visit to the hotel through every voice channel conversation. To meet this challenge, Travel Outlook deploys a team of agents with hospitality experience trained in sales by the Kennedy Training Network. Prior to going live, all agents participate in a virtual familiarization tour to present each property accurately and to ensure effective communication with Viceroy’s valued guests.

“One critical aspect we evaluated was Travel Outlook’s proficiency in fostering a cross-selling culture,” remarked Scott Muety, Vice President of Revenue Management for Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. “With all of our properties offering a one-of-kind experience, we want guests to be aware of all that our brand has to offer right from the start of any pre-arrival interaction. One example of where this has become vital is for our four San Francisco properties: Hotel Emblem, Hotel Zelos, Hotel Zeppelin and Hotel Zetta. Each offers a unique experience, so it’s important that our reservationists build a strong rapport with the customer and discern their purpose of travel to then align the guest with the best possible property which will ultimately lead to the most satisfying onsite experience.”

Aside from the hospitality-specific training given to all agents, Travel Outlook also distinguishes itself from other call centers by developing and maintaining bespoke partnerships with all its hotel partners. This high level of engagement often means regular meetings with each property during the onboarding process and spending time with onsite teams to ensure the brand value is upheld.

Specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, Travel Outlook worked closely with Viceroy so that cancellations in Spring 2020 were handled empathically and with clear communication of each hotel’s flexible rebooking policy, to ensure Viceroy continues to be the brand of choice when safer travel conditions emerge.

Travel Outlook values its longstanding partnership with Viceroy Hotels & Resorts and is poised to expand this relationship for Viceroy’s upcoming properties in Algarve, Portugal and Bocas Del Toro, Panama.