ATLANTA, February 3, 2023 – Valor Hospitality Partners, a global full-service hospitality firm, announced the appointments of Chief Capital Officer, Steve Cesinger as well as Chief Investment Officer and Global Principal, Brandon Hatfield today. Coupled with Valor’s Global Strategic plan and strong performance across the globe, these changes will allow the brand to continue executing the vision and projected growth to create meaningful experiences for guests.

Global Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer Steve Cesinger will assume his new role as Chief Capital Officer and will continue to build and nurture Valor’s strategic relationships across the world and develop further opportunities for its capital partners.

“I am excited to take on this dedicated role to further expand our capital relationships going forward. With Valor’s global footprint, strong access to deal flow and proven track record of underwriting and executing hotel investments, we are extremely well-positioned to help our partners deploy capital in attractive markets worldwide,” said Steve Cesinger, Chief Capital Officer for Valor Hospitality. “We are leading the way in synergies across geographies and Valor’s unique market intelligence provides our capital partners with a distinct advantage to help execute their investment strategies.”

Global Principal and Chief Financial Officer Brandon Hatfield will assume the role as Chief investment Officer and Global Principal and will focus on leading a Global Underwriting platform. He will also establish a team responsible for assisting Global Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Euan McGlashan to strategically double the size of Valor’s portfolio around in the world in the next three to five years.

“After working the last 10 years to help build a strong global team at Valor, I look forward to building on our existing foundation and growing the Valor portfolio,” said Brandon Hatfield, Chief Investment Officer and Global Principal. “It is an honour to be trusted to drive that growth over the next five years.”

Valor Hospitality currently operates more than 90 hospitality projects in 59 cities across six countries and four continents. Today, Valor has over 135 corporate Hotelitarians and some 6,500 Hotelitarians across all properties.

“This is an exciting change for us. Coming from an M&A and Private Equity background, this change for Steve comes at the perfect time in his career where he can single mindedly focus on ensuring Valor has the capital backing to grow quickly. Brandon can now lead a global team to ensure we continue to deliver a critical service to our existing and new clients in assessing assets for purchase and providing accurate and relevant underwriting that has a track record of being brought to fruition when we operate,” said Euan McGlashan, Global Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “These changes are critical to allow Valor Hospitality to focus on a strategic plan to help our team around the world deliver our own internal goals and promises to each other and our amazing ‘Hotelitarians’.”

Through its performance, Valor continues to focus on evolving company growth and building a reimagined culture that is unlike any other company. For more information on Valor Hospitality Partners, their leadership team and global properties, visit