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Connecticut Natural Gas, PG&E, Questar Gas, Southwest Gas and Xcel Energy Offer Incentives for Energy Reduction Using Xeros Laundry System 

Manchester, NH – Xeros, the innovator of an ultra-low water laundry system, announced today that Connecticut Natural Gas, Pacific Gas and Electricity Company, Questar Gas, Southwest Gas, and Xcel Energy are offering incentives for the energy savings reaped using polymer bead cleaning.  Xeros polymer bead cleaning machines are proven to reduce natural gas usage up to 100% and water usage by up to 80%.  

These companies join a growing list of US utility companies including National Grid and Liberty Utilities who are all already offering incentives to customers who have committed to reducing their energy and water consumption through the use of the Xeros polymer bead cleaning system. Utility company customers include hotels, commercial and industrial laundries, dry cleaners, and fitness centers. The first incentive payment by a US utility company was to Sterling Linen Services in April 2014, where the Xeros polymer bead cleaning system delivered a 98% reduction in natural gas usage and 76% reduction in water usage.

The incentives are part of a program to promote various energy-saving cleaning technologies which award financial incentives under the Federal Energy Management Program’s Energy Incentive Program after specific pre-determined energy savings milestones are met. Since the incentive programs were first launched in early 2014, eight utility companies are now offering them to their customers and have offered, in total, over $275,000 in incentives for polymer bead technology.              

The incentives are part of a program to promote various energy-saving technologies which award financial incentives under the Federal Energy Management Program’s Energy Incentive Program after specific pre-determined energy savings milestones are met.

Traditional commercial laundry machines use a tremendous amount of energy to heat the water required for the washing process.  In contrast, this new technology changes the most basic operating principles of the washing machine by replacing the massive quantities of hot water used in traditional washing machines with beads made from a special stain-absorbing polymer. By replacing water with polymer beads as the active ingredient for removing stains from fabrics, the polymer bead machines typically use upwards of 80% less water than a traditional commercial washing machine as well as lower temperatures, thus reducing the amount of natural gas that is consumed to heat water for the laundry process. 

“Utility companies are seeking proactive strategies that help them and their customers to save energy, reduce environmental impact and control costs. Xeros polymer bead technology laundry machines provide proven cost savings and energy conservation as evidenced by the tremendous growth in the Xeros Utility Incentive Program and, positive response from customers,” said Jonathan Benjamin, president, Xeros, North America.  

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About Xeros Cleaning

Xeros is changing the way textiles are cleaned. Using patented polymer bead technology, the Xeros System for commercial cleaning uses up to 80% less water, 50% less energy and approximately 50% less detergent, and delivers superior cleaning results compared to conventional washing. Xeros was recently awarded a Bronze Medal in the prestigious Edison Awards; was named a top invention by TIME magazine, winner of ‘Best Technological Breakthrough’ in The Climate Week Awards 2011;  listed in Worldwide  Fund for Nature’s survey of global ‘Green Game Changers’; and has been awarded two Rushlight 2013 Awards for green innovation.  Xeros is headquartered in the UK with offices in the U.S. and China.  For additional information, please visit

Contact: In the UK, Instinctif Partners / +44 20 7457 2020

Contact: In the US, Neal Stein, Red Javelin Communications / (321) 473-7407

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