Provider of hotel upselling solutions to showcase how latest innovations in artificial intelligence and experience personalization are driving-up hotel revenues and guest satisfaction scores.

EUGENE, ORE. — JUNE 14, 2022, — UpStay, a leading provider of advanced ancillary upselling technology solutions for the hotel industry, has been selected to participate in HITEC’s Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) competition, taking place this year on June 29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. One of just eight start-up providers selected by HFTP to compete in the invitation-only event, UpStay is set to take part in a four-minute presentation focusing on how its innovative data-driven solution is proven to maximize upselling success rates, eliminate the under-selling of inventory and cater to modern guest expectations for experience personalization.

By being selected for the competition, UpStay is eligible to participate in E20X’s Judges’ Award and People’s Start-up Award. With the Judges’ Award, the winning participant is named the most innovative start-up and is selected by an expert panel of judges, with a trophy and $2,500 serving as this year’s prize. With UpStay also taking part in the People’s Choice Award, HITEC attendees will have the opportunity to select the ‘crowd favorite’ by voting via the HITEC mobile app.

“Being selected to compete in E20X is a tremendous honor that in of itself demonstrates the significant achievements that our organization has made in advancing innovation within the hospitality industry,” said Tzafrir Blonder, CEO at UpStay. “Thanks to the efforts of our global team, we now have an opportunity to showcase how our advanced platform can tap into new revenue streams and spur increased profitability for existing ones, all while fully automating the process and delivering on guest expectations for personalized service.”

Compatible with a wide array of PMS and booking engines in use by today’s hotels, UpStay is able to leverage a wide range of data sets to provide guests with personalized upgrade recommendations while updating a hotel’s available inventory in real-time. Proven to convert approximately 20 percent of pre-arrivals into either room upgrade or add-on purchases, UpStay features an innovative bidding system allowing guests to select what they believe is a fair price. With a room upgrade or add-on purchase going to the highest bidder, UpStay ensures that hoteliers can always maximize their ability to generate revenue while sidestepping the risk of underselling assets. Boosting hotel profitability even further is Upstay’s no-risk approach, eliminating monthly subscriptions by instead only charging a nominal fee with each successful upsell conversion.

“With much of the industry still in recovery mode, hoteliers more than ever are in need of advanced technologies that incur minimal investment risk but that are capable of leading businesses back towards sustainable growth,” continued Blonder. “UpStay is a direct response to this crucial industry challenge, and we look forward to attendees observing the unmatched value that our technology provides.”

Following its impressive success within European and Middle Eastern markets that has seen several largescale hotel brands adopt its upselling solution, UpStay’s most recent growth achievement includes entering into the North American hospitality sector. Current North American customers include The Lucerne Hotel and The Wallace Hotel in New York.

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