London — March 9, 2020 — KNOWCROSS, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels, is happy to announce that the Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Suedstrand, Wyk on Foehr, has decided to implement the KNOW Housekeeping software solution from Knowcross, in order to automate their housekeeping department and make it more streamlined.

KNOW Housekeeping has been successfully implemented at the luxurious Wellness Resort with an advanced interface to the Sihot PMS, which ensures that the staff have real-time access to room status, guest details and preferences, at all time. 

“We’re very excited to have implemented Knowcross!” commented Stephan Bentien, Executive Housekeeper, Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Suedstrand. “Majority of the resort’s guests belong to the luxury and premium segment and this makes it  extremely important for us to ensure that their rooms are ready in time for their arrival, are set as per their preferences and are cleaned as per their request and convenience during their stay with us. And, KNOW Housekeeping enables us do this very effectively” exclaimed Stephan. 

KNOW Housekeeping helps hotels streamline daily housekeeping activities and reap double-digit improvements in staff productivity, higher guest satisfaction scores and a massive reduction in the hotel’s carbon footprint.

“It gives me immense satisfaction and great pride that a prestigious property such as the Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Suedstrand has decided to harness the power of the Knowcross platform by implementing the KNOW Housekeeping module, helping them achieve increased housekeeper efficiency, reduce labor costs, decrease time-sheet creation time, earn extra revenue from early check in and late check-out, and many other such benefits ” said Paritosh Kumar, VP (Europe) at Knowcross.