Hospitality’s leading workforce solutions provider earns the highest number of votes for innovating the latest in end-to-end workforce management technology.

DALLAS, TX—October 24, 2022—Unifocus, the leading provider of Workforce Management Systems, was named the World’s Best Workforce Management Solutions Provider at this year’s World Travel Tech Awards. At the ceremony held on October 23, Unifocus was honored by hospitality professionals worldwide who voted for the hotel industry’s most outstanding achievements in travel technology innovation.

The company’s comprehensive workforce management platform that can address every aspect of a hotel’s daily staff and operation management resonated with voters who are quickly adapting to operating their properties in the labor crisis. Using AI technology, Unifocus’ automatic optimization of employee schedules to ensure a hotel’s labor resources are always aligned with service demand fluctuations and consistently high service quality is delivered. With many of today’s workers looking for flexible schedules, employees can select their own shifts based on current and upcoming business needs. This significantly minimizes the risk of employee resignations, scheduling conflicts and prevents any lapse in coverage or service quality.

“Being named the best workforce management platform is an amazing honor,” said Moneesh Arora, CEO of Unifocus. “The hotel industry currently faces some major forces that are reshaping what it means to effectively manage hotel labor and operations. Unifocus remains dedicated to leading the development of new solutions that resolve industry challenges, and this award validates the direction we are heading.”

Unifocus also includes the first virtual assistant specifically designed to enhance and streamline workforce management. Using the virtual assistant, hoteliers can receive a range of high-value analytics uncovering new opportunities to increase productivity, guest satisfaction and business revenues. Dynamic task management capabilities allow hotels to accomplish 100% of daily tasks with 75% of the staff once needed. Each worker is given a real-time list of active assignments via mobile device for housekeeping, maintenance, guest service requests and more. Additional features include a robust and flexible engagement survey technology, allowing hoteliers real time feedback on business health, opinions and sentiments of employees and guests alike.