November 2016/2015 Comparisons

U.S. travel to all international regions totaled 5.6 million for November, up four percent.

U.S. travel to overseas markets (1) totaled 2.3 million, no growth in November but up six percent for the year (31.8 million). Regional results for the month were as follows:

  1. Europe, 751,000 travelers, up six percent
  2. Caribbean, 503,000 travelers, down four percent
  3. Asia, 436,000 travelers, up four percent
  4. Central America, 188,000 travelers, down 11 percent
  5. Middle East, 166,000 travelers, down three percent
  6. South America, 137,000 travelers, down 13 percent
  7. Oceania, 62,000 travelers, up eight percent
  8. Africa, 23,000 travelers, down five percent

U.S. travel to other North American markets totaled 3.3 million and was up six percent compared to November 2015. Travel to Canada and Mexico for the year (40.7 million) was up nine percent.

  • Mexico, 2.6 million travelers, up five percent in November. Air travel (631,000) was up two percent
  • Canada, 712,000 travelers, up 14 percent. Air travel (269,000) up 20 percent

November 2016 YTD Market Share

U.S. travel to overseas locations accounted for 44 percent of U.S. outbound international travel.

  • Europe, an 17 percent share;
  • Caribbean, a 10 percent share;
  • Asia, a seven percent share;
  • Central America, a four percent share;
  • Middle East, a three percent share;
  • South America, almost a three percent share;
  • Oceania, a one percent share, and
  • Africa, almost one percent share

North American markets received 56 percent of all U.S. international outbound travel.

  • U.S. travel to Mexico a 38 percent share; and
  • Canada an 18 percent share.

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NTTO reports U.S. outbound travel monthly by all modes, expanding beyond air-only traffic. Total departure travel, inclusive of all modes, to Canada and Mexico is reported in addition to the air-only subtotals. The timing of this report is dependent on receipt of aggregate data from Stats Canada and Banco de Mexico.