NEW YORK, June 28, 2016 – TravelClick (“the Company”), a global provider of innovative cloud-based, revenue-generating solutions for the hospitality industry, announced the launch of its new Media Suite offering, designed to use proprietary data to drive better performance of paid media and increase overall direct bookings for hotels.

Media Suite integrates Rate360 into TravelClick’s Single Media Subscription solution. This new product allows hotels and TravelClick media campaign managers to systematically monitor and ensure hotels maintain in rate parity with OTAs. This in turn maximizes direct bookings and revenue generated from paid search and display media. Media Suite is the only product on the market designed so that hoteliers experience the highest possible Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) through their media programs and drive the most profitable direct bookings.

“Media Suite allows us to stretch our media dollar by minimizing the typical downtime that’s needed to troubleshoot rate parity concerns, helping us to stay competitive in the digital space,” said Steve Steading, Digital Marketing & Distribution Manager, The Grove Hotel & CenturyLink Arena, a TravelClick Media Suite client.

“Research shows that hotels in rate parity have more than 20 percent more direct bookings than hotels that are out of rate parity,” said Scott Falconer, General Manager, Media, TravelClick. “Media Suite is designed specifically to combine the importance of rate data with full-service media management enabling hotels to generate more direct bookings in an increasingly competitive online environment. Many of our Media Suite beta testers have seen immediate double-digit increases in conversion rates, direct bookings and ROAS.”

Falconer continued, “TravelClick is the only company that is uniquely positioned to provide this level of service to clients. Media Suite is just one example of how we can combine our solutions to ensure that hotels can stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

TravelClick is an expert in digital media for hotels. Each year, the Company manages media for about one thousand hotel clients around the world, with media partners including Google, TripAdvisor, Yahoo!, Bing and Sojern. Through its Single Media Subscription, TravelClick will manage a hotel’s entire digital media spend to achieve the property’s outlined objectives.

As the leading provider of big data and business intelligence for hotels, TravelClick’s Rate360 is designed specifically to help hoteliers design and monitor rate strategies. Rate360 has access to more rates than any other provider, shopping from more than 600 sources. Every month, TravelClick collects over 10 billion rates, from hotel brands, online travel agents and global distribution systems.