Email, LinkedIn, Customer Story Videos

BENTONVILLE, AR – February 7, 2017 – Email, LinkedIn and short customer story videos are 3 top marketing tools B2B tech companies will use in 2017 to increase sales and influence, said Julie Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc, a leading hotel tech PR firm.

“I like it!” says Softscribe Inc. Client, SVP of Sales. “We debuted the mobile-ready email version of a customer story during a recent client meeting. The SVP of sales emailed me back immediately: “I like it!”, said Squires. “That’s valuable feedback from a top industry sales exec.”

Softscribe Inc., Award-Winning Hotel Tech PR Firm Achieves Results for Clients. Softscribe Inc, a leading tech PR firm for companies selling into the global hospitality market, is known for innovation. Squires said Softscribe Inc.’s industry awards for integrated campaigns and writing affirm what her company achieves for clients: Results.

3 Top B2B Marketing Tools in 2017 “The 3 most popular PR and marketing tools we apply for our publicly traded and privately held client companies are email, LinkedIn, and short customer story videos,” Squires said.

Email Your Mobile-Ready Stories.

1. Have your PR firm write a story in the full form format. 2. Read it on your mobile device. How was that experience for you? 3. Next, format the press release to be mobile-ready, like the one you are reading. View it again on your mobile.

Was it easier to read? “The feedback we get from clients is, ‘Yes!’ “, said Squires

LinkedIn is Your First Point of Contact. Make It Personal Does your LinkedIn profile say who you are? “Have it written by professionals,” Squires suggests. Here are 3 tips to customize your profile and make it more effective.

1. Personalize your URL. Use your full name. 2. Publish your company’s press releases on your LinkedIn profile. 3. Include in your LinkedIn profile summary the answers to 3 questions:

a. What do you like best about what you do? b. Which 3-5 words or phrases best describe your style of leadership? c. What influences and/or life lessons most profoundly impacted your business experience?

Remember to respect LinkedIn’s word count limits.

Videos Earn a Thumbs Up from Forrester Research and Forbes. “One minute of a well-executed video has the same impact on decisions as 1.8 million words,” said Squires. “That’s what Forrester Research says.”

And a Forbes study points out that 59 percent of executives would prefer to watch a video than to read text.


Videos are easier to absorb and make it simpler to connect with the speaker. Videos catch the eye in social media feeds and in Google searches.

Customer Story Videos Deliver Results “Customer stories are among our most effective deliverables, based on clicks back to our clients’ websites,” said Squires. “Here is a short customer story video for our long-time client Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.”

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