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By John R. Hendrie

Well, they are here.  They are in our business and even our families.  At some point they will be running our companies.  Hopefully, we have mentored them along and prepared them to be successful.  Still we must address those headaches they also bring to the table.  Hospitality, take note.

Well, we think we know a few traits of this generation, whose value we recognize but whose career outlook and trajectory are incredibly challenging.  Welcome to a generation which is mobile, almost 1099’ers – contractors who stay with you maybe 3-5 years, absorb all you can offer, and then move on, having constructed more arrows to place in their career quiver.

Elaine Varelas in a Boston Globe article (3/13/16) gave us some insight for this generation.  They are “… the most well-educated generation” we have ever seen, and they are “…digitally native”.  Millennials “… value work-life balance” and “…they care about social responsibility”.  Lastly, they “…love working in teams.  They have grown up collaborating”.  They are very tribal in nature and have no patience for the time-worn “…lock-step promotions or time based advancement”.  Ms Varelas wrapped this analysis around the fact that millennials find “Work is not a place, it’s an event”.

Well, excuse me!

So, while we have been struggling to create that memorable experience for our Guests and Customers, we now must also create that same atmosphere for our employees?  Yup, appears so!  We have the capacity to change, but the willingness is another question, for many in executive positions have come up the hard way, “paying their dues”.  That used to work, although Hospitality has one of the worst reputations for career movement.  Give me a little more money or a better title, and I am yours.  The Millennials have a great deal of confidence (sometimes bordering on hubris) and impatience.  It is our responsibility to provide them with knowledge about the importance of relationships, leadership and humility.  What a wonderful opportunity for some brainstorming!

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