ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, February 25th, 2020: Forbes Industries has partnered with mixology expert, Chris Adams, to design a series of mobile mixology carts perfect for today’s restaurants, catering, food & beverage, and hotel events.

Why Mixology? Today’s Social Media is a powerful communication tool that craves unique and compelling content. Content like drinkable art. Now with Mixology Carts by Forbes Industries, hoteliers can create Instagrammable moments their guests are sure to share on their behalf. The word will get out, and others will want to see for themselves. Their friends will seek out the 360-degree experience they’ve seen second hand on social media, creating viral opportunities for hoteliers worldwide to increase greater guest satisfaction and keep them coming back for the compelling and unique experience of drinkable art.

Introducing the 360-degree cocktail experience – Mixology Carts by Forbes with Chris Adams is a new line of innovative mixology carts tailored to the mixologist’s craft, giving hoteliers the opportunity to provide an elevated guest experience and additional revenue streams. Featuring five all new high-quality carts designed as an essential tool for mixologists, a Mixology Cart by Forbes with Chris Adams is both trendy and timely with great revenue potential. It’s more than just a cocktail cart, it’s the 360-degree experience hotel guests long for.