By Larry and Adam Mogelonsky

There are big hotel projects and then there are even bigger projects. Resorts World Las Vegas tops even that threshold. Just imagine a project covering 88 acres, over 3,000 guestrooms, three separate hotel marques (Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords), five pool experiences, a massive spa, 40 restaurants and bars and gaming, with a total investment of over $4.3 billion. And, for good measure, add in constructing this through the COVID pandemic!

I was honored that Max Tappeiner, Senior Vice President of Operations at Resorts World Las Vegas, had time for a video call just shortly after opening. It was clear from the 60 minutes we shared that Max’s enthusiasm and passion for the project have been key driving factors and, while still in launch mode, will ensure the properties are well-positioned for future growth.

Key to remember here is to consider the city’s particular situation as it concerns the hotel industry. It just may be that as goes Las Vegas goes the world. So, when we see new developments and innovation happening on The Strip, this will undoubtedly herald a positive return to fine form for properties all across the globe.

What was the strategy behind the hotel brand selection?

We chose Hilton as our strategic partner based upon three pillars. First, its loyalty plan with about 110 million members provides for a broad and immediate customer base. Second, for the past two years, Hilton has been recognized with the top spot by Fortune Best Companies to Work for in the U.S. List. And third, Hilton has been a leader in technology for hotels with mobile check-in, digital keys and apps.

Why three different brands?

Resorts World Las Vegas wants to be the location of choice for all guests. By offering three different brands (Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords), we can target guests with three different price points. Everyone is familiar with Hilton then Conrad in the lifestyle or premium segment. What is new to North America is our super-premium Crockfords brand. This is the first Crockfords in North America, with the brand already operating elsewhere as part of the Genting Group. With only 236 rooms, Crockfords is a bespoke experience competing with the best of class on The Strip.

How do the different brand standards affect your operational efficiency?

Our Resorts World Standards apply to all three properties. This standard exceeds those of the individual brands. By taking this approach, we can generate excellent efficiencies such as common linens, housekeeping, valet and pool service.

Are the service standards the same for each flagged property?

We like to think of this in airline terms, where we have business class, first-class and private jet. All three brands will deliver outstanding service. We add extras on for Conrad, and then even more at Crockfords with our Guest Ambassadors, personal assistants dedicated to each guest.

How has technology been utilized to enhance guest service?

We have the distinct advantage of building an APP-centric property from scratch! We embrace technology in such a way as to improve guest service, with technology designed to add to the guest experience. Numerous examples abound, from guest check-in, digital keys, AI-based concierge, and tablet-ordering in restaurants. Importantly, all of this is designed to ensure that the guest’s time is valued, and service delivery exceeds expectations.

Can you provide an example of how using technology exceeds a traditional approach?

Imagine ordering room service from multiple restaurants – a veal chop from our steakhouse and a sample tasting assortment from Famous Foods, our Asian hawker-inspired food hall. On the Fly at Resorts World powered by the Grubhub app will combine the order and deliver both simultaneously. This would be all but impossible without the availability of advanced technology.

Has COVID-19 impacted your property’s design?

We are the first resort in Las Vegas to be launched post-coronavirus. Recognizing the concerns of the pandemic, we built the property with an advanced filtration system that refreshes the entire building’s air supply every 60 minutes. This approach is similar to that used on a jetliner, but as you can well imagine the scope of the system is many multiples larger!

What is your forecast for the group segment?

While a leisure segment recovery is well underway, we expect the group and convention business to recover after corporate. The ramp up will be slower with Q4 2021 showing a start, with progressive improvement through the first half of 2022. Again, a lot of this depends upon issues out of our control, such as travel and border restrictions.

A takeaway for our readers?

Resorts World Las Vegas is a truly integrated resort, with everything the guest can imagine under one roof. We have not even scratched the surface of our spa, pools, fitness center, theater, nightclub, retail and casino experiences. I would encourage you to pay us a visit and see for yourself.

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