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There is much chatter these days about TrustYou data on Google and what really drives improvements in the TrustScore, review summaries and local search rankings for hotels on Google.

In an effort to increase transparency, let’s take a look at the facts:

1. TrustYou provides hotel review scores (TrustScores) and review summaries for more than 300,000 hotels on Google. This is visible on Google when clicking the question mark next to the hotel’s review summary. These review scores and summaries are calculated based on an analysis of quantity, quality and recency of reviews across the web as well as from the survey platform, TrustYou Stars. TrustScores and review summaries are also seen on hundreds of sites like KAYAK, Trivago,, Skyscanner, Wego, and more.

TrustYou’s TrustScore and Review Summary on Google

2. Earlier this year, TrustYou launched TrustYou Stars, a first-of-its-kind survey solution that allows hotels to collect reviews that influence the TrustScore. This solution also allows guests to push their reviews to Google as a Google review that is shown on Google below the review summary.

What This Means for Hotels

Hotels that want to make use of all reviews collected from guest satisfaction surveys to influence TrustScores and review summaries can benefit from using TrustYou Stars. With TrustYou Stars, 100% of the surveys collected impact a hotel’s TrustScore and review summary, and typically about 10% of guests will also push their review to Google as a Google review, impacting the TrustScore as well as the full text Google reviews that are shown on Google below the review summary. Clients using TrustYou Stars see 8% higher review scores compared to reviews from other sources, and on average about 50% of all reviews ever posted about a hotel come from TrustYou Stars when using this product.

Because reviews from TrustYou Stars are analyzed and integrated within a hotel’s TrustScore and review summary, they influence TrustYou’s entire review eco-system (Google, KAYAK, Trivago, Wego, etc.) which reaches hundreds of millions of travelers a month.

Website Optimization
Hotels have the opportunity to use TrustScores, review summaries and full text reviews from TrustYou Stars to improve their own websites as well. TrustScores and review summaries can be annotated as rich snippets to promote your hotel on Google and encourage travelers to book (more on that here). TrustYou Stars reviews can also be incorporated onto a hotel’s own website for SEO benefits and to encourage more direct bookings.

Search Rankings
To understand how this all impacts a hotel’s rankings on Local Search and Maps, let’s look at a recent Google blog post that explains the three key factors that influence rankings on Local Search and Maps. Google states that:

“Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence.”

The blog post then provides more detail on each of these factors. Relevance is described as how well a hotel’s local listing matches a user’s search criteria. The way to impact a hotel’s relevance is by updating your hotel’s business listing and through review snippets (TrustYou’s review summaries). Google links to a second blog explaining this in more detail:

Google blog:

Google also states the following:

“Google review count and score are also factored into local search ranking—more reviews and positive ratings will improve a business’s local ranking.”

Since TrustYou Stars allows hotels to influence their review count by collecting more reviews on Google, hotels could expect this factored into the local search ranking. We have released a couple of interesting case studies around this topic here and here.  

Truly desiring that our partners succeed in ways even beyond reputation, we have also launched All Things Google: A Guide For Hotels, a free eBook dedicated to helping hotels understand the why and how of increasing Google visibility – from hotel ads to the new mobile interface.

About TrustYou

TrustYou is on a mission to improve the travel experience, from finding the right hotel to having the perfect stay, and we work with hotels, destinations and travel websites to make that happen. TrustYou analyzes hundreds of millions of travel reviews scattered across a vast, fragmented market and transforms this content into actionable insights and visualizations that enable travelers to improve their trip planning and industry players to improve their offerings. Our products include:

TrustYou Stars: An advanced guest satisfaction survey tool that allows hotels to gain more reviews and enhance their content on Google.

TrustYou Analytics: The world’s leading online reputation management tool that allows hotels to analyze and influence their online reputation.

TrustYou Meta-Review*: Global review summaries of all verified reviews written worldwide that are displayed on hundreds of sites like Google, Trivago, KAYAK, Skyscanner, Wego, Sabre GDS, as well as on hotel’s own brand websites.

TrustYou Radar: A native mobile app available for iOS and Android that allows hotels to connect with guests directly from their mobile phone.

For more information about TrustYou, visit

*TrustYou Meta-Reviews only contain verified reviews and do not include reviews from TripAdvisor.

Contact: Margaret Ady / +49 89 552 735 115

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