London, March 12, 2018 – KNOWCROSS, the global leader in providing software solutions for hospitality operations, is thrilled to announce its partnership with The Hoxton Group. The luxury group looks to accomplish both service and operational excellence across its hotels with this association.

In all the Hoxton hotels i.e. Hoxton Shoreditch, Hoxton Holborn, Hoxton Amsterdam and Hoxton Paris, the Knowcross platform has been implemented in a way that facilitates automatic handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs, helps in capturing, tracking and significantly reducing service breakdowns and automates daily housekeeping activities resulting in a dramatic increase in productivity and guest satisfaction scores.

“Knowcross has helped us streamline our operation by maximizing efficiency within our Housekeeping and Engineering departments. The whole process is very straightforward and it has given us the tools to be able to analyze glitches on a regular basis, which in turn has helped us to improve quality and our guest experience” commented Stephen Lloyd, Managing Director, The Hoxton. “We are big fans!” exalted Stephen.

Each of these hotels have tapped into the cutting-edge technology and innovation of the Knowcross platform that enables them to achieve high quality service standards, resulting in top-notch and an extremely personalized experience for their guests.

“We’re excited to have all the Hoxton properties on our platform. Our team worked closely with the Hoxton team to integrate Knowcross seamlessly into their hotel operations” said Nikhil Nath CEO and Founder of Knowcross.