For many months, agencies and industry prognosticators (including GCommerce) have used publications like this one to warn about coming changes to advertising tracking and “cookies”.  Together we have warned about the impact such changes will have on hotel’s abilities to conduct marketing as usual. We’ve warned about hotels’ lack of ability to accurately track revenue in the future, or that essential tools like remarketing will be forever changed. These warnings have likely got your attention.

So what to do with this newfound concern? How do you, as a responsible hotelier, take the necessary steps to both understand the intricacies of the coming changes and take steps to insulate your organization from the worst outcomes?

In this eBook, GCommerce provides both the education and the practical tools to demystify the “cookieless world” and future proof your marketing. Read this to understand the nuance and the impact of the coming changes in digital marketing, and to prepare yourself to thrive as a marketer amongst the chaos.


Featured Sections Include:

  • Five things you should know about a cookieless world
  • Your three phase plan to prepare for a cookieless world
  • Future proof your tracking and analytics
  • Checklist for direct booking channels
  • Checklist for using 1st party data in your marketing


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