DENVER–The 420 Hotels Inc. is entering the next phase of opening Denver’s first legally licensed cannabis consumption lounge in a boutique hotel by announcing the launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign, and by filing their Form C with the SEC, through the investing platform This campaign is now open to anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor of a new era for cannabis hospitality.

“We’ve cleared the major hurdles to create a truly unique, 4-star hotel experience where cannabis is welcome,” said Chris Chiari, CEO and Founder of The 420 Hotels Inc., which owns the historic Patterson Inn. “With our successful refinancing amid the pandemic and rezoning granted from the city of Denver last year, and our now provisional cannabis hospitality license, we’re thrilled to move full steam ahead in launching this equity financing campaign.”

The 420 Hotels Inc. is developing this first location by adding a well-appointed cannabis consumption lounge as an amenity to the adjacent Patterson Inn. Hotel guests and annual members will be able to legally smoke and vape cannabis flower and concentrate, and consume infused edibles in a safe, sophisticated and legal lounge environment. A distinguished National Landmark built in the 1890s, the Victorian-style boutique hotel is situated in the heart of Denver’s upscale Capitol Hill neighborhood.

“Creating and licensing space for responsible cannabis consumption represents the final-mile in legalization,” Chiari continued. “In the years since Colorado legalized adult-use cannabis, public consumption in parks, on sidewalks and in vehicles continued to be the only option left available to tourists for too long. I’m proud that The 420 Hotels is on the forefront of providing a solution.”

The 420 Hotels Inc. has now launched an equity crowdfunding campaign through, a private investment platform for investors seeking high growth potential in highly vetted, early stage ventures.