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Talent Protection Plan

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Dec 27, 2016 10:30 am

By Renie Cavallari

Successful organizations are always a target when it comes to stealing talent. How will you ensure your talent is not just playing ‘All In’ but also wanting to stay, grow and brag about you?

  1. Do the right thing when no one is looking or listening
  2. Be a fanatical developer of your people
  3. Provide continual feedback. Annual reviews are for financial discussions and shouldn’t be the only time people find out how they are doing.
  4. Hang with your people. Know them. Understand what is motivating them today. Motivations change
  5. Have open and transparent communication. This is the foundation of trust.
  6. Find what is right and build on it
  7. Have a stellar reputation. Pride is a powerful aligner
  8. Keep people happy even if it seems unfair at times
  9. Help people see how their work and life contribute to a better world through your organization’s higher purpose
  10. Have a culture they are proud to be a part of
  11. Take time for fun. Comradery enhances our connection and connection is a fundamental human need.
  12. Lead with love and compassion

The Lesson

People will come and go but your imprint on them lasts a lifetime.

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