Survey Asks: What Sacrifices Are Your Guests Making for a Mobile Check-In Experience?

/Survey Asks: What Sacrifices Are Your Guests Making for a Mobile Check-In Experience?

Survey Asks: What Sacrifices Are Your Guests Making for a Mobile Check-In Experience?

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hospitalityPulse invites hoteliers to take a short survey designed to reveal problems with today’s room assignment process and collectively work towards implementing a solution

[Santa Cruz, Calif. – August 15, 2016]As travelers themselves, hoteliers experience some of the same irritations their guests face when it comes to the room assignment process. With mobile check-in via smart devices growing in popularity, frustrations arise when travelers arrive early or check in via mobile app but they still have to wait for their exact room type to be made available upon arrival. hospitalityPulse Inc. is asking hoteliers to take a short “Check-In Experience Survey” that reflects upon their most recent experiences. The purpose of this exercise is to help hoteliers identify problems with their own room assignment processes and implement a solution for an improved guest experience.

“During the recent HITEC show, we asked hoteliers visiting our booth about their check-in experience,” said Pierre Boettner, hospitalityPulse CEO. “We wanted to know: 1) Did they check in remotely using the hotel’s mobile app or arrive earlier than planned? 2) If yes, were they assigned a room immediately and was the room ready upon arrival? and 3), Once in the room, did it meet their expectations and match the features they requested at the time of booking or did they have to sacrifice preferences for the sake of being given a room – any room?

“The results were not surprising,” he said. “More than 50% of those we spoke to said they had to compromise their room preferences just so they didn’t have to wait for the rooms they wanted to be made ready – a wait that could potentially take several hours. In addition, 30% were members of a brand loyalty program, yet they did not get their expected room upgrade if they checked in remotely or if they arrived early. This is unacceptable on so many levels, and it proves that despite advances in booking, reservations and PMS technology, the industry is not meeting guest expectations when it comes to room assignment.”

To participate in the “Check-In Experience Survey,” click here.

The 10-question Check-In Experience Survey is LIVE today through September 15th, with results being revealed in October. Those wanting the industry overall to do a better job in pre-assigning guestrooms, refining availability and streamlining the mobile check-in process, should start the survey NOW.

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hospitalityPulse was designed by hotel technology and operations veterans tackling one of the most difficult problems hotels are facing: Room Assignment. Our patent-pending optimization mathematical modeling process, combined with an intuitive user interface, is helping hoteliers assign the most optimal room for every guest, every time, with consistent efficiency. Using the multi-dimensional roomPulse inventory engine, hoteliers can automate room assignments to streamline check-in. roomPulse dynamically optimizes each room assignment in real time, all the time. Visit us at

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