A Cost-Efficient Compact Hybrid System for Solar–Diesel at Hotels and Resorts

Danvest and Pon Power are launching a second-to-none, low-load Compact series for solar–diesel hybrid power plants. This Compact series offers power producers a complete, cost-effective solution that automatically integrates photovoltaic systems with diesel power. The main attribute is that it includes Danvest’s unique, low-load and reverse-power operation and fast-response capabilities. Direct annual fuel savings are typically between 30 and 40%.

The system is able to run on 100% solar power during the day, when solar radiation is highest. The fast-acting, low-load generator sets are able to respond to any drop in solar output or increase in power demand. In other words, the system acts as an active spinning reserve with nearly zero fuel consumption.

This new concept, based on robust, standard Caterpillar® generator sets, comes in sound-attenuated enclosures, and is equipped with both Danvest’s low-load technology and its proven control- and power-panel system with dump-load controlling. Storage systems and additional solar capacity can always be added now or later to further increase overall fuel-saving performance.

Four (4) standard Compact hybrid power modules are available as plug-and-play building blocks: Model HSD-220 (220 kWe rating), Model HSD-400 (400 kWe rating), Model HSD-500 (508 kWe rating) and Model HSD-650 (648 kWe rating).

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