Award Winning Tech PR Firm Leads by Example, Signs New Clients, Launches Fresh, Mobile-Optimized Website

Atlanta – December 16, 2014 – Softscribe Inc., an award-winning technology PR firm, announced it signed Revcaster, the trusted leader in real-time hotel rate shopping tools. Revcaster’s competitive rate shopping tools for hotels are easier to use, friendlier, and more flexible than other options. Softscribe Inc. is a top PR firm respected for delivering significant business growth for its best-in-class technology clients.

Julie Keyser-Squires, CEO, Softscribe Inc.Julie Keyser-Squires, CEO, Softscribe Inc.

“Revcaster’s impressive installed base of 5,000 properties is due, in part, to its founder’s extensive background in revenue management,” said Softscribe Inc.’s CEO and PR specialist, Julie Keyser-Squires. “Daniel Wise is a hotelier who develops successful tools for hoteliers.”

“All the companies in our client portfolio lead their industry segments with innovative solutions and solidly run businesses. They – and our staff – inspire me,” Squires said. She said her tech PR agency also signed another, publicly traded new client, which signals: “Our industry is back. Hoteliers and tech providers are happy. The optimism is tangible.”

One Success Secret: Hotel Industry Tech PR Channels

Squires explained that one marketing success secret is, “the eyeballs in our industry are focused.” In addition to trade publications, Squires said, decision makers read vendor-generated press releases, customer stories and viewpoints posted on key online news channels like Hotel-Online, Hotel News Resource, Hsyndicate, PRWeb and others. She noted this is not true for every industry.

Blog Posts, White Papers, LinkedIn Profiles in Big Demand

“Currently, we’re seeing a big uptick in demand from clients for blog posts, white papers, and LinkedIn profiles,” Squires observed. “These marketing elements serve a complementary purpose to baseline press releases, which carry a company’s news. Your LinkedIn profile is an online business card. Each one is a unique reflection of its owner, and fun for our team to write.” Squires urges every executive to invest in a high quality photo, and a well written LinkedIn profile that “lets your personal side peer out.”

Softscribe Launches New Mobile-Optimized Website with GrapePress Studio

Squires tapped Atlanta-based GrapePress Studio to refresh and search engine optimize Softscribe Inc.’s new website, which launched this month.

“We met Rachel Mozingo, director at GrapePress Studio, through our public relations Atlanta offices in a shared workspace: Meet at Roam. The Roam workspaces have roots in our industry. They were started by Peyton Day, son of Days Inn founder Cecil B. Day,” Squires explained.

Squires said Softscribe Inc.’s management team gave GrapePress Studio 3 must-haves with the website layout refresh:

1. Responsive and simple design,

2. Phone number prominently displayed,

3. Secure, cost-effective hosting.

“In addition, we have 3 goals for our new website,” said Squires. “To modernize the look-and-feel of the existing site; to act as Softscribe Inc.’s inbound marketing hub for qualified prospects; and to educate technology companies about how to market effectively to increase sales. Rachel and her team exceeded our expectations. “

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