Award-winning Tech PR Firm Leverages 5-Year Relationship with WC+G Ad Logic Principal, Doug Gonterman; Powers Integrated Marketing for Clients; Expands to New Offices

Atlanta – June 24, 2013 – Softscribe Inc. announced a joint venture with Atlanta-based WC+G Ad Logic, a boutique agency that solves business problems through advertising for national, Fortune 500, and entrepreneurial clients. Softscribe Inc. is an award winning technology public relations, market consulting and branding corporation. WC+G Ad Logic provides creative and ad execution for Softscribe Inc.’s clients. Click here for results.

“Softscribe’s tech PR clients in the hospitality and government markets have been delighted with Doug Gonterman’s work for over five years,” said Julie Squires, Softscribe Inc. CEO. “I always look for a good cultural fit with our partners, and Doug is exceptional. Looking for ad creativity and execution? Doug and his team are the best.”

Gonterman is Executive Creative Director with WC+G Ad Logic. Prior to that position, he founded and operated Core Advertising Design Logic. “Softscribe has been a great partner for years,” said Gonterman. “They are excellent at what they do, and have a very transparent way of working with clients, which is exactly how we prefer to work with clients as well.” “It’s simply a good fit. The companies snap together seamlessly to provide clients with a total advertising/PR solution that is proven to work well time and again.”

Separately, Squires announced Softscribe Inc. expanded into new offices at Roam Perimeter at 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy #800, Atlanta, GA 30338. She said, “Payton Day created ‘the new hotel.’ The energy, collaborative atmosphere and scalable meeting resources are exceptional at Roam Perimeter.” Squires noted Mr. Day is the son of Days Inn founder, the late Mr. Cecil B. Day.