Gone are the days when a server crash meant lost sales data. Businesses across the wide spectrum hospitality can now benefit from a database that seems, to the casual observer, impervious to data loss.

In most businesses, each and every POS terminal periodically sends data to a server. Managers access these financial reports to track sales records, food prep turn times and ensure that servers, waiters, and bartenders are paid fairly.

In the past if your system crashed, or if the servers hosting your data crashed, there was no way of getting back the important information regarding your daily transactions. But with SkyWire’s Self-Healing POS, even if information is eliminated or the system crashes, all of your important data is backed up in a matter of seconds. The SkyWire Multi-Node Fractal Syncing technology was built in-house by Lead Programmer David Hinote, using the strength of SQL to restore the satellite database in the instance where it is somehow eliminated.

“Our competitors can’t do this,” says Hinote. “These days, all POS software offers offline mode, which is the ability to handle transactions even if the main database is not connected to terminals, with a subsequent syncing once connection has been established. But offline mode is where everyone else’s service ends.”

With SkyWire’s Self-Healing POS, the system heals itself following a crash without anyone ever knowing anything went wrong. An industry first, this technology promises to be a game-changer, especially for enterprise-level companies.

“SkyWire is the first company to ever set up syncing this way, as a two-way street,” says Director of Product Development at SkyWire, Jeremy Higgins. “In the past all data from the terminals would only move one way…up to the server. In our system, the information goes both ways. And so, if the master database and a few terminals are all destroyed, as long as you have one instance of the database still up and running, all terminals and master databases can be replicated in seconds.”

For more information visit: http://www.skywire.com/pos-explained-how-does-the-first-self-healing-database-work/