Dallas, USA – The global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, today reveals the 15 booking channels that generated the greatest revenue for hotels in the USA, Canada and other key tourism destinations in 2017. The lists are based on the 72 million hotel reservations that passed through SiteMinder’s channel management solution during the year to produce US$21.53 billion in gross revenue for the company’s 28,000 hotel customers around the world.

Reaffirming the value of having a diversified hotel distribution strategy, the lists of the top-performing booking channels once again feature a range of both B2B and household consumer channels – from OTAs to hotel websites, wholesalers and global distribution systems.

“These lists are testament to the incredible, material impact that a broad distribution strategy, which caters to a diverse business mix from various feeder markets, can have on a hotel’s bottom line,” says SiteMinder’s managing director, Mike Ford.

“They also prove the enormous – and growing – value of direct and corporate bookings, with hotel websites and global distribution systems featuring in almost every list this year. Additionally, we see that hotels continue to look to the wholesaler sector as an important provider of guests, with a number of the world’s leading bed banks featuring in every list globally.”

Speaking on the top performers in the USA and Canada, Fig Cakar, Managing Director – the Americas at SiteMinder, adds: “HotelTonight’s appearance on the list shows an ongoing trend among consumers to book their accommodation with little planning time involved. It also illustrates the value of listing on a dedicated last-minute booking site rather than discounting rooms across the board.

“It’s clear the value of Japanese travelers to the local hotel market is rising, with Rakuten making this year’s list. Indeed, Japan is now the fourth-largest source of inbound tourist arrivals in the USA, and the seventh-largest source in Canada.”

The USA and Canada’s top 15 booking channels collectively contributed 87 percent of all revenue that passed through SiteMinder’s channel manager for hotels in the two countries in 2017, proving their effectiveness in attracting, reaching and converting today’s consumer.

The top 15 revenue-generating booking channels for hotels in the USA and Canada were:

  1. Booking.com
  2. Expedia
  3. Hotel websites (direct bookings)
  4. Global distribution systems
  5. Agoda
  6. GTA
  7. Priceline.com
  8. Hotelbeds
  9. Hostelworld Group
  10. Hotusa
  11. Rakuten
  12. Hotwire
  13. HotelTonight
  14. Orbitz
  15. Tourico

To view the top 15 lists in other tourism destinations, visit www.SiteMinder.com/news.