Shiji Group partners with Sircle Collection to provide the Amsterdam-based hotel group with its modern, scalable, and secure Shiji Enterprise Platform as the hotel group expands globally.

BERLIN, Germany – September 29, 2021 – Sircle Collection has recently announced that the company will be moving its technology ecosystem over to Shiji Group’s recently launched flagship Shiji Enterprise Platform.

Sircle Collection, the rapidly growing independent hotel company based in Amsterdam began working with Shiji Group earlier this year in order to meet their evolving digital needs. Given Sircle Collection’s expansion across Europe, it has selected Shiji Enterprise Platform, the modern, scalable, and secure enterprise-cloud platform, to unite all of their 13 properties throughout four regions. Sircle Collection’s technology stack includes Shiji Group’s Infrasys Cloud POS, ReviewPro, and Kiosk, among other third-party solutions.

With centralized operation capabilities and leveraged dynamic global configuration standards, Shiji Group has successfully implemented its Enterprise Platform to Sircle Collection’s pilot property, Park Centraal, in Den Haag in the Netherlands. The company will continue to deploy Shiji Enterprise Platform to additional properties in 2021.

“We have been searching for a technology partner to meet our growing needs across our entire portfolio. We needed a partner who could accommodate our complex requirements, help us unlock data and offer modern APIs to integrate with our existing technology. Shiji Group’s Enterprise Platform was the answer to this challenge as our specifications for our expanding portfolio were met with the guarantee to accommodate our future growth. We are proud to work together with Shiji Group and continue to innovate together to improve our guest experiences, employee experiences, profitability and competitiveness,” said Wietse Bijzet, Group Director, Technology & Business Solutions for Sircle Collection.

“We are thrilled to officially welcome Sircle Collection to the Shiji Group family on all levels of their technology stack. While we have had an existing relationship with the hotel management company through providing several solutions, after the success of the pilot property launch within the collection, we are excited to roll-out the Enterprise Platform throughout their entire collection. The power of the Enterprise Platform lies within its ability to seamlessly manage multiple properties from a centralized platform, allowing hotel staff to prioritize their guests and focus on the guest experience,” said Kevin King, COO of Shiji Group.