Hotel and restaurant operator seeing a rise in employee and guest satisfaction as Silverware POS is easy to use and drives consistency across all hotel restaurants

Markham, Ontario — October 26, 2021 — For hotel and restaurant operator Makeready Experience, creating unique local concepts for travelers and satisfying work environments for employees across their multi-property portfolio is key to brand success. Recently, the company began standardizing the point-of-sale systems at its hotels’ restaurants with Silverware. Today the Alida Hotel in Savannah, Ga., (Rhett restaurant, Trade Room bar, and Lost Square rooftop), Emeline Hotel in Charleston, S.C., (Clerks Coffee Shop and Frannie and the Fox restaurant), and The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas (Otto’s Coffee Shop, The French Room, and Rodeo Bar) are all running on Silverware POS, and soon the Noelle hotel in Nashville and Halcyon hotel in Denver will follow suit.

“Silverware has the most flexible technology on the market,” said Arthur Sertorio, Makeready Experience Corporate Service Director, Food and Beverage. “Our staff was so comfortable with Silverware from the moment it was first introduced at Alida that we decided to deploy it to all hotel restaurants. It provides us with consistent training and troubleshooting, and we can update menus and pricing on the fly without needing to refresh the entire system. If there is anything we need or don’t understand, the Silverware support team is standing by to provide a solution.

“Not only are guests delighted by their dining experiences at our restaurants, but our employees are happier than ever before,” Sertorio said. “There’s a lot of excitement each time we introduce Silverware to the next property. It’s gives us great peace of mind to know that we have user-friendly tools in place to keep our employees wanting to come to work every day while giving us complete control over menu pricing and more. We are delighted with the relationships we are building with Silverware and the ease with which our associates can do their jobs at a time when they are expected to do more with less.”

Silverware is trusted by the most notable brands and large venue operations around the globe. The company’s point-of-sale solutions — including fixed and mobile point of sale, contactless guest ordering and payment solutions, CRM loyalty, inventory management, kitchen display systems, and reservations systems — are designed and delivered specifically for organizations that are fanatical about providing exceptional experiences. Silverware solutions drive efficiency and improve the profitability of restaurants by delivering the most innovative solutions on the market.

Makeready Adds In-Seat Ordering at Emeline

All Makeready properties running on Silverware have the capability to support server mobile ordering solutions via iOS, Android, or Windows based tablets, along with guest-facing digital ordering solutions throughout each property to facilitate orders and payments at poolside, the hotel lobby, restaurant, lounge, or in room though a fully integrated ecosystem. The Emeline is actively leveraging Silverware’s Avrio 4 server mobile ordering platform, and recently added the company’s new Contactless Digital Platform to facilitate room service orders. Hotel guests simply scan a QR code displayed in the room to upload a menu, place orders, and post charged directly to their folios using personal mobile devices. This not only streamlines ordering and delivery, but it enables guests to engage with the hotels though contactless technology. It also lowers labor costs as orders are placed directly into the Silverware POS with no staff interaction.

“Oftentimes when guests are in the privacy of their rooms, they don’t want to have to call room service to place an order, especially if there is a language barrier or there are distractions or noise either in the guestroom or kitchen,” Sertorio said. “Silverware leverages QR code technology enabling guests to simply scan a QR code at the bedside to provide menu access and enable them to place room service orders instantly without having to speak to anyone. It’s a modern approach to making the guest experience more pleasant and streamlined.

“The beauty of QR code technology is that it can conveniently be placed anywhere — on table tents, on signage in public spaces, and even in the Welcome Letter from the General Manager,” he said. “It’s this type of simplicity from Silverware with heightened functionality that makes it the perfect POS solution for our hotels and restaurants. I’ve worked with a fair number of point-of-sale systems throughout my hospitality career and the quality of service, flexibility of the solution, and accommodating support from Silverware is higher than the norm. We are extremely pleased with Silverware and its ability to follow market trends.”

Makeready, a Rockridge investment partner, has an outstanding reputation for operating world-class hotels and restaurants. It is a different kind of hotel operator, one that provides an opportunity for travelers to connect to the world around them, city by city and person by person. Makeready is committed to developing independent experiences that are an essential part of each community, cultivating deep, emotional connections across guests, teams, and local brands to create sustainable value for investors.

Exceptional Technology Partnership

“Experience is at the forefront of the Makeready culture,” said Lucky Thalas, Silverware Executive Vice President. “If you want to deliver frictionless experiences today, you need to think about the guest experience specific to each outlet and simultaneously consider the needs of those using the point-of-sale system — the restaurant service team.  A cohesive point-of-sale and guest facing digital strategy is critical to succeed in an industry that has faced (and continues to face) significant challenges.

“For Makeready, ‘Experience’ is more than just part of the brand name, it’s the foundation of its culture,” Thalas said. “When we first met with company leaders, they told us they wanted a technology partner that cares as much about the experience as they do. By listening to their needs and addressing their concerns, we have been able to deliver a solution for each location that is second to none — and we are very proud of that. Soon each of their hotels will be redefining hospitality through all-new culinary experiences running on Silverware. By greatly improving the employee and guest experience, Makeready’s associates are more eager than ever to focus on upselling and increasing guest spend, improving speed of service, and curating an exceptional dining experience. We are honored to have them as a Silverware customer.”