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HOUSTON, TX, December 10, 2015– SHR, an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, reported significant innovation efforts towards the continued success of their WindsurferCRS distribution platform. The Central Reservations System received many enhancements in 2015 to better serve the growing distribution needs of hotels and resorts.

The team at SHR recognized the need for blended rate functionality within WindsurferCRS in order for hoteliers to offer more flexible promotions, show true availability to guests, and decrease booking abandonment. The new functionality enables hoteliers to configure the CRS in a way that allows consumers to get availability across their entire stay, even if a specific rate isn’t available on specific nights. With the increased use of mobile devices in the booking process, the ability to offer mobile-only rates has become a hot topic for the hotel industry. In 2015, the SHR team released the ability to provide mobile-only rates via the TopSail™ booking engine.

WindsurferCRS has always included robust chain-level functionality for hotel groups and brands. With the addition of chain level discounts in 2015, chains and hotel groups are now able to deploy chain-wide promotions that are triggered by availability requests and fulfilled by CRS response.

The TopSail™ booking engine, released in 2014, underwent many enhancements in 2015 including the ability to filter room results by attributes, add inventory and black out dates to add-on items, and many enhancements to the shopping cart layout, among others.

During 2015, SHR achieved the most advanced level of PCI Certification to date – PCI 3.1. Data security is a top priority at SHR and the company does everything they can to provide world-class technology with the confidence of data protection. In an effort to take the most secured approach to their business, the SHR technology team works tirelessly to adhere to the latest, externally-audited, PCI/DSS compliance rules.

“2015 has been a truly innovative year for WindsurferCRS,” says Estella Hale, VP of Products for SHR. “Between the added features & functionality, to the increased distribution options with TripConnect Instant Booking and Google Hotel Ads Commission Program, and our commitment to data security with the PCI 3.1 Certification, our team has been busy ensuring that we continue to provide products and services that wow our clients and get results.”

More details about the enhancements made to WindsurferCRS in 2015 can be found here:

About SHR

SHR is an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry. The company serves thousands of properties around the globe on its distribution platform, WindsurferCRS. With a focus on flexibility for the hotelier and creating a memorable experience for the guest, WindsurferCRS provides optimal functionality for all types of properties. SHR’s Whiteboard Labs provides custom solutions for the hospitality industry, including custom booking engines, website design and development, and cutting edge applications. Hoteliers can tap into SHR’s expertise and knowledge of the industry by utilizing the Revenue Management for Hire service—a cost effective revenue management solution for any property.

Additional information about SHR and hospitality industry trends may be found at the Company’s website:  

(SHR is the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC)

Contact: Abbie Deaver / 713.333.9944 ext 109

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