ATLANTA, Georgia – July 20, 2021 – Shiji Distribution Solutions has released its latest version of its Hospitality Technology Distribution Chart: 2021 to help visualize the current hotel and hospitality technology landscape, how the various providers fit in, and their relationships with the hotel, the guest, and each other.

Originally published in 2015 by SnapShot, Shiji Distribution Solutions has picked up the tradition of analyzing the hotel and hospitality technology landscape to reflect all the various technology solutions of the industry and create a useful tool for hoteliers’ strategies for 2021 and beyond.

The infographic follows the data flow from the hotel towards the guest via three distribution groups: Online, Travel Agents & Tour Operators, and Meetings & Events – across Property Management Systems, Distribution Tools, Aggregation Platforms, Selling / Booking Platforms, Marketing Platforms, and Optimizing Tools.


“Following continued requests from hoteliers to release an updated chart, the Shiji Distributions Solutions team was tapped to pick it up. We are happy to share our latest version of the chart to reflect all the changes our industry has experienced and provide hospitality professionals with a useful tool to help navigate the many layers of technology in hotel distribution. When large crises happen in our industry, the best remedy for hotels is to widen their distribution channels to get more visibility and increase potential bookings. We hope this chart can help hotels ensure that all avenues are being used towards recovery,” said Greg Berman, COO of Shiji Distribution Solutions.


Find the updated Hospitality Technology Distribution Chart: 2021 here.