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By: Mitchel Foster

A 500 room resort with a water park in Missouri hired Resource Technology Management Inc. to analyze their monthly operating expenditures. After RTM provided a complementary assessment of the resort's monthly recurring expenditures, RTM presented a detailed analysis of their findings and delivered a savings of over $175,000 annually to the resort.

"RTM analyzed our waste management expenditures, our gas utilization, water utilization, telecom services, and data services. They discovered huge savings in our reoccurring telecom and data expenditures at our property. First, they disconnected two long distance T1s which ended up saving us $7,200.00 annually. Next, they replaced our existing PRI telecom circuit with a new CLEC circuit which saved us $44,000.00 per year. Finally, they disconnected multiple bonded data T1s and replaced the data circuits with a single 50M Fiber circuit resulting in annual savings of $124,000.00! Service was carefully monitored and there has been no impact on the guest experience."       

                             - General Manager, Missouri Resort

Total annual savings to Missouri Resort:   $175,200.00

Resource Technology Management Inc., headquartered in Winter Park, FL, has worked exclusively with hospitality businesses for over 20 years. "With our hospitality focus, we understand that many recurring expense items can be easily overlooked when operating hotels. We provide a valuable service by uncovering hidden savings to increase your profitability. RTM offers a No-Risk contingency: No Savings, No Fees.

                             - Terry Mueller, RTM Inc.

About Resource Technology Management

RTM Inc. works with a wide range of hospitality businesses from limited service to full service resort style properties. RTM provides complementary analysis' of Telecommunications Services, Internet Services, Trash Removal & Waste Management Services, and other utility services such as Gas, Water, and Electric. RTM also provides IT consulting, HSIA solutions, and Bandwidth Management.

Resource Technology Management Inc. is a third party, non-biased performance-based company working on your behalf. If you would like RTM to perform a complementary assessment of your monthly expenditures, please contact Terry.

Contact: Terry Mueller / 407-998-8028

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