Roxy Speech-Enabled Assistant Partners with HERE Mobility

/Roxy Speech-Enabled Assistant Partners with HERE Mobility

Roxy Speech-Enabled Assistant Partners with HERE Mobility

|2018-10-01T12:32:56-04:00October 1st, 2018|

Roxy, the company behind the speech-enabled device built just for hotels has announced a partnership with HERE Mobility, which provides a one-stop interface for connecting guests with a variety of transportation services.

Instead of looking up local public transit schedules or downloading a region-specific ridesharing app, guests will now be able to see a variety of transportation options and book them directly using Roxy. This includes public transit options, traditional taxi companies, ridesharing apps, bike rental services and more. The service is an optional addition hotels can choose to enable on their Roxy devices.

“Roxy’s goal has always been to provide guests with what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.” states Cam Urban, CEO of Roxy. “Integrating with HERE Mobility enables Roxy to go a step further by intelligently booking optimized transportation accommodations for guests.”

This announcement comes following a Gartner study which found that end users tend to weigh convenience more highly than cost when it comes to deciding transportation options. By integrating with the HERE Mobility Marketplace, Roxy will be able to intelligently guide guests towards the best transportation options for them at any time.

“The HERE Mobility Marketplace is a completely neutral, transparent marketplace that any business can easily connect to using the interface of their choice.” said Liad Itzhak, SVP Head of Mobility at HERE. “For most of our partners this interface is a website, an app, or a public touchscreens, but voice UI is the next big thing. We are very excited that hotel guests will be able to order rides, by voice, directly from their hotel rooms using the Roxy device.”

The HERE Mobility Marketplace is currently in over 230 cities across the globe. With the Roxy integration, HERE Mobility will be able to expand directly into hotel rooms where guests will be able to arrange transportation accommodations directly on Roxy.

About Roxy

Roxy is a speech enabled device that provides fully customizable in-room concierge services. The device is built from the ground-up for the hotel industry. Guests use the device by asking a question or making a request. Roxy intuitively understands the request or question and responds immediately. In addition to improving the guest experience Roxy helps hotels eliminate in-room devices, increase efficiencies in guest services delivery and generate revenue. Learn more at

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About HERE Mobility

HERE Mobility is the mobility business unit of HERE Technologies, aiming to democratize the mobility ecosystem. With its cutting-edge technology, HERE Mobility enables an open and competitive market, creating a smart mobility marketplace for all transportation services, empowering people and businesses worldwide. 

By providing the right tools and technology, HERE Mobility makes MaaS easy to use and accessible for everyone worldwide, including service providers, riders, and businesses seeking to provide customers with added value. The company is leading the next mobility revolution and changing the face of transportation - new ways of getting around, and a whole new way of thinking.

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