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Hotel Indigo Lower East Side Surpasses Reward Member Numbers by 74%, Other Properties Drive Ancillary Revenue in Creative Ways by Connecting with Guests at all Times During their Stay

New York, December 21, 2017 – Routier’s automated staff and guest engagement platform helped Hotel Indigo Lower East Side (LES) surpass its quarterly rewards member target by more than 74% and helped another NYC boutique hotel sell thousands of dollars in event tickets in less than 24 hours, by ensuring that all hotel guests had a seamless and constant communication channel with the hotel for the entire duration of their stay.

Now in place at dozens of urban and boutique hotels across North America, Canada, the UK, and the Middle East, Routier provides hotels with real-time connectivity technology that bridges the communication gap between guests and their hotel, and amongst the hotel staff  - to track, measure, and monitor guest sentiment, staff performance, and operational performance. With its robust set of guest-facing and staff-side solutions, Routier helps hotels build revenues, improve online reputation, increase guest satisfaction, grow loyalty, increase staff productivity, and much more.

Hotel Indigo LES used Routier’s automatic loyalty enrollment solution to help increase its loyalty member sign ups. With the help of Routier, in one quarter, they were able to surpass their targets by more than74%

Other NYC hotels have had experiences building guest satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue, in demonstrable ways. Said one NYC General Manager:

“Lots of solutions promise ‘real-time’ connections with guests while they are in your hotel, but Routier delivers in a way that directly impacts revenue,.. “an official hotel of the 2017 Macy’s Day Parade, we had last minute tickets to sell. Without Routier, we would have let those tickets go to waste; the time, money, and resources we would have needed to spend to inform our guests about these tickets would have been too high. But with Routier, we were able to launch a successful campaign in minutes, and in less than 24 hours we sold all of our extra tickets and managed to gain thousands in unexpected revenues.”  

Routier’s founder and CEO, Gal Bareket, said, “At a time when guests are demanding new kinds of efficient and personalized service, Routier is helping hotels deliver it while streamlining operations and increasing margins. We are thrilled with the results we have been able to bring to two outstanding boutique hotels in New York, which mirror the successes that our properties are experiencing across North America, in the UK and Israel. We look forward to helping hotels and boutique brands stay on the cutting edge.”

Routier’s growing client list includes luxury branded hotels in Manhattan, London, Tel Aviv and Toronto. The company expects rapid deployment in additional cities in the U.S and Europe, and is in discussions with the leading airline and cruise companies to bring its solutions to their verticals.

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About Routier

Routier creates disruptive communication technologies for hospitality businesses, including hotels, airlines, and cruises. The company’s solution transforms the way hospitality providers connect, communicate, and share information with their customers and staff to substantially improve customer experience, customer engagement, and staff performance. More information at

Contact: Michael Frenkel, MFC PR – New York / (212) 808-6559

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