Expansion to include SkyWire Spa and Activity Management and ground-breaking POS Self-Healing Database

March 10, 2015: Vancouver, BC – The fact that technology is changing the way hotels, resorts and casinos attract and engage with their guests is no surprise. What is surprising is the number of companies in the hospitality industry who have not yet incorporated these technological advances into their strategy, be it a fear of change or a fear of the unknown. Those that have embraced the future are seeing great results as front runners, and it is these companies who have made RoomKeyPMS the leading cloud-based hotel Property Management System.

The creators of RoomKeyPMS are not content to sit by the sidelines, however, simply because their customers are happy. Increasing their interface library means happier hoteliers who in turn will see happier, more loyal guests. RoomKeyPMS is pleased to announce its expanding partnership with SkyWire. RoomKeyPMS has had a powerful interface for SkyWire POS complete with its Self-Healing database, but now will be adding the powerful SkyWire Spa & Activities software to our interface library. RoomKeyPMS is an industry leader offering a complete Guest Management System to assist hoteliers with everything they need to operate their hotels within one system with anytime, anywhere access.

SkyWire Spa is a spa product like no other, with the ability to handle package and group bookings, even if it happens to be multiple people over multiple days, and with the RoomKeyPMS integration will post to the guest folio. It will also handle all commissions, payroll, tips and have a complete integration for your website for online sales of your spa and activities.

“RoomKeyPMS is excited to expand our partnership with an innovative company like SkyWire that accelerates guest engagement and service levels in the hospitality industry,” says Kerry Brock, RoomKeyPMS Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “SkyWire enables us to offer our hotel partners best in class solutions with their world’s first self-healing database technology and an advanced spa and activity management solution.”

Launched in first quarter 2015, SkyWire’s ground-breaking Self-Healing database heals itself following a crash without anyone ever knowing anything went wrong. An industry first, this technology promises to be a game-changer, especially for enterprise-level companies. All RoomKeyPMS and SkyWire integrations are equipped with this amazing self-healing technology.

“Although you have backups in multiple locations, and a whole laundry list of other precautions for your POS database, what happens if your main database is destroyed somehow? You would lose everything.” Jeremy Higgins, Director of Product Development at SkyWire explains, “You would need to rebuild everything from scratch which would take considerable time and money. In the past, you could not take the information from the POS terminals to rebuild your main database, however with SkyWire’s Self-Healing database this happens in a matter of seconds.”

Join RoomKeyPMS as we invite Jeremy Higgins of SkyWire to conduct a free webinar on Wednesday, March 18th on what sets SkyWire POS apart from other enterprise hospitality solutions and more about the world’s first Self-Healing POS database. Register here.

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