2021 was a year of all-around recovery for RIU Hotels & Resorts, as well as a year full of courageous decision-making and new investments. Presented yesterday by RIU to its stakeholders in July, the report is the first of its kind, as, in addition to being the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility report, it also presents the hotel chain’s major indicators and projects in 2021.

The company was able to recover its business after a 2020 marked by the pandemic, an occurrence that changed the chain’s priorities, as the main objective shifted to guaranteeing people’s safety. This continues to be the company’s top priority. Partnerships were also maintained, strengthened and made both in terms of both social investment and in terms of biodiversity.

Children’s causes continue to be RIU’s line of philanthropy (72% of social investment), with projects geared toward health, social development and education. RIU invested a total of 820,156 euros allocated to 29 projects carried out alongside 24 strategic partners in 2021.

These projects directly benefited 8,169 children and adolescents and indirectly helped 38,830 people. What’s more, for the first time in the sector, all the company’s projects have been monitored by a system that assesses their social impact.

You can read and download the full report here.