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December 11, 2018 — Vail, CO — Leading property management software, Resort Data Processing (RDP), and, the advocacy marketing platform, are proud to announce a new partnership to help hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and travel brands worldwide grow booking potential and win more travelers.

RDP and bring unique solutions to travel is reimagining hotel marketing with a platform that lets travelers share the high points of their experiences with the travel brand at the center of the story. This taps into the warmest, most receptive audience yet, while tracking back all the impact, driving revenue and creating a lifelong return traveler base.

Paired with RDP’s latest update in property management software, RDPWinV5, the ability to earn impact and grow revenue for your property with these new tools is easier than ever, enhancing technology and marketing stacks with solutions built for the 21st century hospitality industry.

This seamless partnership will amplify the impact of your PMS solutions. With RDP, data is readily actioned to build impact for your property—from easy-to-run, premade reports to SQL access for super-users.

In fact, RDP allows segmentation for your campaigns by many metrics such as prior dates of stay, guest type, region, source of business, nightly revenue, and many more.

This pairs easily with the advocacy platform, building richer profiles that help build stronger relationships with guests and travelers. And together with the platform, is proven to increase bookings, as well as return guests reservations.

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With RDP, travel marketers get back to spending time putting heads in beds, we will handle the rest. Get in touch at for a walk through.

Spark interest in your property with, today. To learn more about the impact of advocacy for your resort, hotel, vacation rental or destination, take a tour at


Let travelers reach & win over new audiences for your brand. lets travelers share the high points of their experiences with your brand at the center of the story. You’ll tap into your warmest, most receptive audience yet, while tracking back all the impact.

You can start today. Switch on an entirely new approach to travel marketing with

Contact: Richard Dunbar / 321-663-7951

About Resort Data Processing

While RDP has been in business for more than 25 years, we have not allowed the company to grow into a bureaucratic nightmare. We are still a small company with direct contact between top management and customers. We have become friends with our customers over the years. Our annual customer conference in Vail, Colorado, has the feeling of a family gathering: not a corporate function. This is a very important element of who we are, as it is always much more fun to help a friend with a problem than a customer.

With most companies, it is almost impossible to find someone who is in charge and actually able to make a decision. There are legions of people who screen calls and redirect customers. At RDP, everyone answers their own phone.

Contact: Nate Strauss / 877-779-3717

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