RBH Hospitality Management, a UK based hospitality management company which manages over 45 properties across the UK, has selected StayNTouch Cloud PMS and Contactless Solutions for their four Fragrance Group properties totaling over 400 rooms.

RBH specializes in full-service management for luxury assets and chose StayNTouch’s guest-centric PMS because they wanted a dynamic and mobile platform that could unburden their staff, drive profitability, and empower their guests with a seamless and digital experience.

Vibhu Gaind, the Chief Information Officer of RBH, said, “We felt that the StayNTouch guest-centric model was an optimal fit for the Fragrance Group’s near-term guest and staff needs and allows for long term innovation. Having a mobile and flexible PMS platform enables staff to be more efficient with day-to-day tasks, and ultimately put more focus on delivering better service to the guest. We also loved the ability to drive room upgrades and ancillary revenue with automated triggers”.

Michael Heflin, Chief Revenue Officer of StayNTouch replied, “RBH is looking to create a guest-centric experience through operational efficiency and technological flexibility. Today’s digital traveler expects choice, convenience, and personalization and our guest-facing technology enables the experience those travelers desire.”