By Frances Kiradjian

The Boutique and Lifestyle Lodging Association, as many of you already know, exists as the official resource for boutique hotel owners, operators, and any hospitality facing businesses. We’ve garnered a global community over the course of the (near) decade we have been operational, and now we look ahead to the coming trends and innovations that are sure to play pivotal roles in the industry as they’re proliferated.

While the majority of BLLA members are (and will remain) hotel properties, we’ve broadened our reach to aid capital investors, technology companies, designers, restaurateurs, PR and marketing experts and beyond. Leaders in all of these sectors help hotels prosper by staying informed, inspired, and dedicated. We at the association recognize the potential in this intersection of professionals. It becomes paramount to collect an accurate scope of the industry’s needs before you can address them. What better way to accomplish this than to simply ask!

Last year, we surveyed our membership network that spans the globe to make projections on the future status of boutique hospitality. “Our questions probed to the heart of the industry and uncovered vital information about the state of play in Boutique & Lifestyle, what is working and what isn’t, key trends and information about this most exciting and vital of hospitality sectors.”

This week we would like to echo the sentiments gathered in the survey as it rings truer than ever. Please read last year’s Sentiment Survey by BLLA to understand more about the existing, and incoming trends shaping the world of boutique hotels.

Our 2017 Sentiment Survey is still being shared daily by industry outlets. This invaluable information only aids our niche sector in its pursuits of success. Decision makers, executives, and inventive entrepreneurs would do well to join BLLA, ensuring their voice as an industry leader is heard. There is something to be said about the person who creates the splash, not the one who rides the wave.

“We can’t express how much it warms us to see the climb to legitimacy for boutique hotels finally rewarded! Follow this link to participate in the 2018 Hotel Sentiment Survey. Participants will be entered to win one of two complimentary passes to the Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, June 6th in NYC (value of $1,695). Let’s make waves!”