International software awards program lists ProfitSword’s ProfitAbility as a leading award finalist for its cutting-edge AI and machine-learning abilities in detecting business performance fluctuations.   

 ORLANDO, Fla. – (August 6, 2020) – ProfitSword, the leading developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has been named as a finalist in this year’s SaaS (Software as a Service) Awards with its entry of ProfitAbility, a state-of-the-art business performance dashboarding and reporting platform. As a submission for the Award’s best SaaS product for business intelligence and analytics category, ProfitSword and its ProfitAbility solution was selected as a finalist alongside 15 other competitors in what the Awards program describes as being the year with the most entries. 

Consisting of a judging panel with years of combined industry experience in technical, business, academic and marketing expertise, ProfitSword and its ProfitAbility solution were evaluated for the ability to fulfill a significant need within the marketplace along with the potential to impact the future of business intelligence and analytical innovation. Key to ProfitAbility’s unique business intelligence-enhancing abilities is the use of the latest AI and machine-learning technology in order for the solution to instantly and automatically begin identifying patterns in organizational performance. ProfitSword can automatically collect data from over 250 disparate performance generating systems including accounting, PMS and POS, sales CRM, labor, and many other business management solutions to power the many features of it’s ProfitAbility product. If the solution identifies any fluctuation from key performance indicators (KPIs) when compared to historical norms, ProfitAbility can instantly alert personnel to the inconsistency in order to ensure a swift response should a business opportunity or risk suddenly arise.    

“Considering the number of entries this year into the SaaS Awards, we are very honored to be named as a shortlist finalist and are tremendously proud of the efforts of our team in launching ProfitAbility,” said Maureen Allen, President at ProfitSword.”ProfitAbility, with its advanced machine-learning abilities fills a critical need in today’s fast-paced business environments where shifts in market performance can occur at any moment and with little warning. With its proactive capabilities in automatically alerting staff to any metrics requiring immediate attention, ProfitAbility finally provides a solution to the risk of critical performance indicators being overlooked due to human error and limited attention abilities. This serves as a true first in the field of business intelligence and we look forward to continuing seeing how organizations leverage such technology to ensure maximum profit, growth and efficiency.”

With each organization possessing its own unique goals and needs, ProfitAbility further provides businesses with the ability to create their own dashboards and set their own KPI parameters for alerts so that they can stay informed on any deviations that matter most to the success of their business. Also compatible with ProfitSword’s full range of business intelligence and data management solutions, ProfitAbility is able to seamlessly form a vital component of an organization’s ability to comprehensively understand how their business is performing, what future performance outlook is projected and what strategy responses need to be identified and put into place in order to ensure the highest level of success.  

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