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TTI  to include PrinterOn Mobile Printing at no cost to clients in their new business center solution offerings

New York-September 17, 2013 -TTI Technologies International, the hospitality industry's leading provider of Driver's License/Passport Scanners, Business Centers, Concierge Services and other hotel solutions has partnered with PrinterOn® to deliver best in class business centers combined with mobile guest printing.

Both TTI Technologies and PrinterOn have long served the hospitality industry with leading edge technology products and solutions.  The two companies have recently joined forces in a relationship that will deliver TTI's high quality business centers with PrinterOn's cloud based printing solution.

Hoteliers with active business centers seeking to increase guest satisfaction, efficiencies and reduce costs, can now add the PrinterOn solution. Those with active business center support agreements can take advantage of PrinterOn right now.  TTI Technologies is providing as a value add to its contracted client base 

"TTI Technologies has a solid reputation in the hospitality industry for serving their clients and focusing on their client's needs.  Combining TTI with the PrinterOn mobile printing solution allows hotels to provide a much needed and valued business amenity to people on-the-go who need to print documents when they need them from wherever they may be" shared Ken Noreikis, VP, Sales & Marketing for PrinterOn.

PrinterOn gives guests the power to print documents from smartphones, tablets and laptops to designated printers in the business center. Guests can print by emailing documents to a printer's unique email address, uploading documents to a web printing portal via URL, by using one of the mobile printing apps available for iOS® and Android® devices or by using the PrintWhere driver from within any Windows application. After submission, a release code is sent back to the user. Documents are released only when the code is entered which keeps documents private. 

"Our business includes large brand hotels as well as independent boutique properties.  Whether you need to print a boarding pass, a PowerPoint or a critical document TTI Technologies business centers have long handled guest's needs.  We are constantly seeking value adds to provide our clients and prospects.  When we spoke to the team at PrinterOn, the synergies were great.  You now have access to PrinterOn products through your TTI Technologies agreement" stated Steve Blidner, CEO of TTI Technologies.

About PrinterOn

PrinterOn is the world's leading Enterprise-grade Mobile Printing Platform. PrinterOn has been delivering mobile printing solutions for 13 years to four major verticals: enterprise, education, public and home. PrinterOn was the first to develop a cloud printing solution and uses cloud technology to enable users to print documents from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the world. There are over 10,000 PrinterOn public printing locations worldwide. 

The PrinterOn mobile printing solution is the only patent protected, fully-agnostic solution in the market today with the ability to connect disparate networks into one simple-to-manage enterprise or hosted solution. PrinterOn has been deployed in corporations, hotels, universities, airports and libraries in over 120 countries. Since its inception in 2000, users of PrinterOn have printed more than 60 million pages. PrinterOn technology is protected in the U.S. and internationally by issued and pending patents including US Patents 7,007,093, 7,249,188, 6,990,527 and 7,827,293.

About TTI Technologies International

TTI Technologies International has been delivering innovative solutions since 1991 serving hotels and resorts all over the globe. TTI's solutions include Business Centers and Boarding Pass Stations, Flight Information Systems with Interactive Displays; and ID/Passport Scanners.  With an international headquarters in New York City and satellite offices in across the United States and Mumbai, TTI is well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service. For more information, visit us or contact us at / +1-646-218-2700 Extension 3

Contact: Laura Meck, Marketing & PR / (646) 218-2700

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