Endowed by the Victoria Park Hotels Limited, Professor Haiyan Song, Associate Dean of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was conferred the title Mr and Mrs Chan Chak Fu Professor in International Tourism at the Third Inauguration of Endowed Professorships held at the University on 5 September 2017.

Presided over by Council Chairman of the University, Mr Chan Tze-ching, the ceremony paid tribute to distinguished scholars for their outstanding academic achievements and significant contributions to the community, as well as to allow the community to demonstrate support for and give recognition to PolyU for its research excellence.

The ceremony saw the presentation of seven Endowed Professorships and one Endowed Fellowhsip, as well as three successive appointments.

Addressing the Ceremony, Professor Timothy W. Tong, PolyU President, said, “Practical, innovative and impactful are the quintessential qualities of PolyU’s Research and Development, and to take our research to new heights, we need community support. Through the Scheme, the University and the community have become partners in advancing research in areas of common interests, opening opportunities for more scholars to unleash their expertise and potential.”

Tourism is a global force for economic and regional development. With the generous support of the Victoria Park Hotels Limited, the Endowed Professorship will enable Professor Song to engage in more research projects in the growing field of tourism economics, thus making further contribution to tourism policy, planning and business practices while facilitating the sustainable development of the industry on an international level.

“Professor Song has demonstrated leadership in his specialised field of study and we are very proud of his achievement,” said Professor Kaye Chon, Dean and Chair Professor of the SHTM and Walter Kwok Foundation Professor in International Hospitality Management. “The Endowed Professorship further cements Professor Song’s status as the established authority in this very important area of research.”

Established in 2012, the Endowed Professorship Scheme provides philanthropists with the unique opportunity to partner with PolyU to advance research and academic activities in a discipline of their choice for the betterment of society. To encourage more scholars to unleash their potential, the University in 2016 introduced the category of Endowed Fellowship, in addition to Endowed Professorship. PolyU will continue to nominate internationally acclaimed scholars for the prestigious title to advance research and academic activities for the benefit of the wider community. To date, the University has established a total of 21 Endowed Professorships, one Endowed Fellowship and two Named Professorships.