Paris, 02 May 2017: Astotel Group, Maurice Hurand Hotels and BPI follow into AccorHotels' footsteps, investing in hotel technology as the future of hotel management, and offer 750,000 EUR late seed-funding to RoomChecking, a hotel communications, housekeeping, and maintenance system startup.

Founded in 2013 as a project between Jonathan Wiezman, Aaron Marz, and Emile Lugassy, RoomChecking aims to improve workflows in hotel maintenance and housekeeping. The company is already a Microsoft Ventures Paris promising startup, and has a dedicated customer base of 150+ hotels.

“Managing a hotel is much more than walls, decoration, and staff,” said Mr. Cachan, CEO of Astotel. “We see technology as one of the biggest differentiators in the future of hotel operations and those who adopt technology will be those who deliver the best guest experience. Today guests expect everything to be perfect and to happen instantly. Without a solid set of technology tools, it will be very hard for hotels to live up and exceed guest expectations,” he added.

Astotel counts 16 hotels in Paris, which are consistently highly rated by the top review sites. The company has shifted all their hotels from branded to independent the last few years with a highly successful guest satisfaction strategy and attributes much of the success of its hotels to integrating technology to improve hotel operations, resulting in higher guest satisfaction.

Maurice Hurand Hotels boasts properties such as the Terrass’ in Montmartre and Hotel Madison opposite the church of Saint-Germain-des-Près in Paris. They now refurbish and upgrade the family’s hotels to reflect industry standards for modern boutique hotels. CEO Romain Binet explains:

“We’re the next generation of hoteliers in the family, so we see it as our mission to make beautiful hotels, to offer great service, and to go that extra mile investing in what will make hotels futureproof. I believe in having systems that aren’t based on the technologies of the past and integrating the technology into our work. Our rooms are replenished on time, and our staff are freed up for the all-important task of improving the guest experience.”

This late seed round will help RoomChecking grow the customer base and further improve features and integrations to hotel PMS systems and other providers internationally.

Counting already 50+ certified PMS integrations and over 150 hotel clients around the world, RoomChecking is positioned to grow rapidly.

“Our prime tasks are to improve the product for scale while building more integrations,” explained RoomChecking CEO, Jonathan Wiezman, who added: “We’re building up our support team to manage the existing clients and all those in the queue. Great hotels understand that technology will help them take guest experience to the next level and they’re our priority because they know what the real work is all about.”